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It’s a Two-Horse Race for U.S. Presidential Election

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are likely to fight it out in the US presidential election for the second time.

Understanding betting odds is key to making a profit from what seems like an unfortunate position.

It’s a Two-Horse Race for U.S. Presidential Election
Former United States President Donald Trump-Lokman Vural Elibol / Anadolu

Both candidates are as bad as each other, but at least we can make money off it.


Support for Trump

Say what you want about Trump, but he’s extremely popular and likely the next president.

The former president is the best of a bad situation for the Republicans, who don’t have any better options, but the election has long been a popularity contest.

Just watch a UFC event when Trump turns up and you’ll see how much public support he has. He’s often loved, despite what mainstream media tries to portray, and that’s reflected in the 2024 presidential election odds.

However, bettors can’t get too confident with Trump at -200. He shortened to extremely lowodds to win the last election before the mail-in votes were counted, so there could betrepidation.

There is a distinct lack of confidence with Biden, so Trump is the hot favorite to get back into office.


Concerns for Biden’s Health

Biden’s health has become a bit of a running joke, but it’s not funny.

He doesn’t always appear mentally or physically fit for office, and it’s a shame to see for the career politician.

Our BetUs sportsbook has Biden at +110 to serve consecutive terms as U.S. president, and he has to be respected as the lead nominee for the democrats.

Biden is 81 years old, so serving another term takes him to at least 85. He’s already having serious cognitive issues, and that can’t be overlooked when making election picks.

We don’t think Biden is the best choice for the democrats, but he’s going to be their top candidate, so his odds could firm.



Michelle Obama to Rock Markets?

It’s unlikely to happen, but Michelle Obama being the next president would rock sport betting markets.

Obama, looking to repeat what her husband Barack achieved, isn’t the most qualified to become president. However, neither was Trump, so anything can happen.

However, we don’t think she has been campaigning well enough to cause an upset at +1200 odds. It’s a fair price for Obama, and she’s on the third line of betting, but it would take a flurry of late support for her to be the democratic nominee.

Stranger things have happened, and if Biden does step down, she could have a better chance of beating Trump.

Bettors get +900 for the next president to be female, which includes Kamala Harris, and we’re not overlooking the politics odds.



Anyone But Newsom

We can’t quite believe Gavin Newsom is on the fourth line of betting at +2200.

The Governor of California has an interesting reputation, to say the least, and if California’s current state of affairs is anything to go by, Newsom becoming president is a scary thought.

However, he has his loyal supporters, and that’s evident with his current odds.

Bettors could see his odds continue to firm, so he’s one to watch with U.S. presidential election odds.



Questions Of The Day

Who will have the senate majority after the November election?

Democrats are +170 to gain senate majority while the Republicans sit at -250 to remain in control.

Will Donald Trump declare for bankruptcy prior to the election?

The BetUS sportsbook has Donald Trump at +250 to declare bankruptcy prior to the election.

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