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Will Donald Trump Cop a Deal with Prosecutors?

Love him or hate him, there is no denying that former President Donald Trump stepped in it with his most recent legal issues.

Trump was officially hit with federal charges earlier this week allegedly for knowingly keeping top-secret documents on his way out of office in 2021. Trump will be in for a knockdown drag-out fight in court, with legal experts suggesting the facts do not favor the former Commander in Chief.

Will Donald Trump Cop a Deal with Prosecutors?
Donald Trump holds a Make America Great Again rally/SAUL LOEB/AFP

Some of the most damning evidence is Trump himself on recording offering to show classified documents to individuals who were not cleared to view them.

This article is not about taking sides in this case but whether we can find a political betting angle to take advantage of the situation.

BetUS Sportsbook has political odds for whether Trump would or would not accept a plea deal at any point during this case or his fight in New York. If you forgot, Trump is also under fire in the Big Apple for potential fraud regarding his hush-money case with entertainer Stormy Daniels.

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While remaining as neutral as possible, let’s decide if there is any value to this political prop.

Will Trump Cut a Plea Deal?

The only reason to look into this is the political lines for Trump to cut a deal at +300. With all the trouble he is supposedly in, most normal people would cut a deal with prosecutors in the face of mounting evidence.

The former President’s first chance to cut a deal came and went on Tuesday when he appeared in Federal court in Miami and pleaded not guilty to 37 criminal charges. In his words, the indictment is “the most evil and heinous abuse of power.” Those words suggest he’s not about to lay over and show his belly to prosecutors.

But Trump also vaguely suggested to the courts that he would be willing to make a deal if they “pay me some damages.” While Trump is likely suggesting some sort of financial reimbursement, most plea deals “reward” defendants with less jail or probation time.

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It’s not a lot to go off of, but it’s not nothing, either. The statement tells us that Trump is willing to play ball if he feels the outcome benefits him somehow.

There are reasons for Trump to stay in this fight, however. The judge hearing his case in Florida was appointed by the former President and has already shown to be sympathetic to his plight. If he ends up beating the rap on his own, his cries of bullying and targeting by detractors will strengthen along with the anger of his MAGA followers.

A quick win in one or both cases in Trump’s favor would also do wonders for his upcoming bid to become president again in 2024. Conversely, if he pleads guilty to either, his chances to regain the Oval Office likely go up in flames.

Even in the face of what seems like a ton of evidence, it’s hard to expect Trump to throw his hands up and ask the court for mercy. He’s not the type, and the former President knows he needs to win these outright to get back into the White House.

Admitting defeat would likely alienate enough voters from the GOP to spell the end of Trump’s political career.

With the Las Vegas odds for a plea deal at +300, I think it’s worth sprinkling a little on to see what happens. Don’t bet the farm, but a half-unit on a criminal law prop never hurt anyone.

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