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  1. All rules, regulations, and payoffs are prone to revision, by BetUS Sports group without prior written notice to BetUS members.
  2. BetUS Sports Group reserves the right to refuse or limit any bet and to restrict betting on any event at any time without any advance notice (includes any prop, future or any other exotic wager with no exceptions).
  3. Please review your pending wagers immediately after placing your bets to ensure they have been entered as intended. Any discrepancies must be reported immediately. Wagers are valid when they are accepted by the BetUS Sports Group’s transaction server, even if you aren’t issued a ticket number.  It is your responsibility to print your “bet slip” digitally or physically using “print your slip” feature on the wager confirmation page for your records for proof of wagers, review all pending wagers, and immediately report any discrepancy with your wagers to BetUS customer service.  If you are unsure about the validity of your wager, it is your responsibility to immediately contact our customer service to review.
  4. Any wager placed via telephone must be placed in the following sequence
    • The member shall quote his account and password and ask for the lines
    • The clerk will read the lines and prices
    • The player will quote the line and price along with the wager amount
    • The clerk will read back the wager details
    • If the details are correct, the member will repeat the account number and password for the account to confirm
    • The Clerk will issue a ticket number
  5. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the details of their wagers are correct. Once wagers have been placed and their acceptance confirmed they may not be canceled or changed by the customer. If a client confirms a read back where the telephone clerk made a mistake, the wager is final. Once a dollar amount is given all play’s will be entered, so in case of phone disconnection or a bad connection it is the responsibility of the client to call back before post time to confirm what was entered is correct or the play stands as originally entered.
  6. Claims on wagers must be submitted at no later than two weeks after acceptance of the wager. To expedite the claim process, the BetUS Sports Group recommends that customers keep a printed copy of all wagers.
  7. All wagers must be backed by funds in the member’s account. BetUS Sports Group does not offer credit wagering at any time under any circumstance. Any wager made without proof of payment will not be accepted nor will wagers be accepted when a member does not have the required funds in their account balance.
  8. Each wagering slip is accepted on the basis that it is the investment of one customer only.
  9. Any and all wagers placed in an attempt in any way to defraud BetUS Sports Group will be voided upon discovery.
  10. Any and all wagers placed by, contracted by any Bookmaker, gambling syndicate and/or any person, or involved in similar business kinds of business as BetUS Sports Group shall be voided and the account balances in said accounts related to these bets that were paid by BetUS Sports Group will be refunded to BetUS Sports Group.
  11. In the event funds are credited to a customer’s account in error, it is incumbent upon the customer to notify the BetUS Sports Group of aforesaid error without delay. For accounts with negative balances, BetUS Sports Group reserves the right to cancel any pending plays, whether placed with funds resulting from the error or not.
  12. Members must be 18 years of age or older in order to place wagers and/or collect winnings.
  13. Players are only allowed one sportsbook account, any player found to have more than one account will be subject to having their accounts suspended or terminated. Only one account per household or IP address. We reserve the right to treat any multiple accounts as a single joint account.
  14. All BetUS Sports Group transactions are accepted and legally processed under the approval of the Government of Costa Rica. All transactions are considered to originate and be governed by the laws of Costa Rica.
  15. BetUS Sports Group does not report winnings, losses, or account activity to any government agencies. Therefore it is the member’s responsibility to report any winnings for taxation purposes, if applicable.
  16. Once a wager is placed and accepted by BetUS Sports Group, the wager cannot be changed, canceled, or modified in any way by the member.
  17. Wagers will be accepted until the start of an event unless the event has Live betting being offered on it. Events that offer Live Betting will be clearly marked as such on
  18. Dates, kick-off times, and comments of all events shown on our site are for guidance purposes only.
  19. A wager will be considered invalid by BetUS Sports Group if:
    • The wager is submitted after the start of an event, or the event’s outcome has become public knowledge, and that is not covered by our Live Betting Service. If the error is noticed in time, BetUS Sports Group will make reasonable efforts to contact the customer to allow the choice of placing another wager at the correct odds/line/handicap.
    • The wager is placed on an obvious pricing error or incorrect maximum limit according to sportsbook limits (notes). All odds, lines, and handicaps are subject to fluctuation and become fixed only at the time of wager acceptance. Where an error or system failure results in an incorrect price, line, maximum limit or handicap taken in a wager, the wager or that part of the wager if it is a multiple wager/parlay will be void and not replaced (Betus reserves the right to delete or cancel the straight wager, parlay/multiple wagers at any time without notifying the customer, also reserves the right to offer the correct line after making the changes). If the error is noticed in time, BetUS Sports Group will make reasonable efforts to contact the customer to allow the choice of placing another wager at the correct odds/line/handicap. If customer wagers on both sides of the line (Moneyline) only the wager with the error will be deleted and the rest will have action.
    • Correlation Rule: Multiple wagers/parlays/if bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the wager contributes to the outcome of another (Currently we do not accept Matchup Parlays within the same tournament or venue in Nascar, Soccer or Golf). If such a wager is taken in error it will be canceled. If the error is noticed in time, BetUS Sports Group will make reasonable efforts to contact the customer to allow the choice of placing another wager at the correct odds/line/handicap.
    • The wager is not accepted by the BetUS Sports Group’s transaction server for any reason.
  20. If a parlay/teaser/if bet contains a selection that is canceled for any reason, the wager will revert downwards. For example, a three-team parlay will become a two-team parlay.
  21. Before accepting any wager, BetUS Sports Group reserves the right to limit the maximum amount staked.
  22. The BetUS Sports Group monitors all bets to aid in properly settling disputes. Records of all transactions are recorded via Internet logs for online wagers or phone recordings for telephone wagers. If a dispute between a member and BetUS Sports Group should arise, both the member and BetUS Sports Group, agree that the Transaction records will act as the final authority in determining the outcome of any claim. All claims must be submitted within 14 days of the finish of the event.
  23. No member shall be offered compensation of any kind, for any wagers that are not accepted by BetUS Sports Group.
  24. You are liable for any unauthorized use of your account number and password. It is the member’s responsibility to keep this information private, if at anytime you feel this information has been compromised please contact BetUS Sports Group’s customer service to have them changed.
  25. Start times/dates, lines and odds are displayed on are for informational purposes only and are subject to change, however the odds quoted and accepted at the time of placement will be used to determine winning, losing, and push wagers.
  26. All games must start on the scheduled date (local time) for bets to have action. Unless otherwise specified in the sports specific rules if a game has been postponed or canceled.
  27. Unless otherwise stated the winner of the game or event will be determined by the official results at the end of the game or event. BetUS Sports Group does not recognize post-game disputes, protests, or overturns for wagering purposes.
  28. In the event BetUS Sports Group accepts a wager with an obvious line error, all single wagers will be void and multi-selection wages will be reduced accordingly.
  29. If for any reason, BetUS Sports Group incorrectly credits your account balance, it is your responsibility to notify BetUS Sports Group of the error immediately. Any winnings after the error either directly or indirectly related to the error before notifying BetUS Sports Group will be invalid.
  30. For any event where draw odds are being offered: in case of a draw outcome, all other wagers will be graded as a loss.
  31. Play in the BetUS Casino carries its own terms and conditions, please see relevant pages for full information.
  32. All casino winnings may be subject to review by casino management before a payout approval is given.
  33. Access to BetUS casino tournaments is intended exclusively for recreational players that show real money action in the casino and/or sportsbook. Based on this, player eligibility for tournaments can be restricted at management’s discretion.
  34. Any customer found sharing an IP address linked to fraud will be subject to account review, which can lead to accounts being suspended or terminated.
  35. Player found using the same financial accounts will be subject to account review, which can lead to accounts being suspended or terminated. 
  36. BetUS reserves the right to zero out any winnings from any account that are sharing addresses related to fraud.

Live Betting General Rules

  1. BetUS reserves the right to close a Live market at any time. (Live Betting Parlays are subject to Manager’s discretion)
  2. Where BetUS have reason to believe that a bet is placed after the outcome of an event is known, BetUS reserves the right to cancel the bet.
  3. Where a blatant error is made in handicap set up (i.e. Money line or spread reads as negative instead of positive and vice versa) on any event on which we are LiveBetting, BetUS reserves the right to cancel such wagers.
  4. When scores are displayed during a game, every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the score and game time, however, no liability is accepted for incorrect information displayed.
  5. Live Betting in Soccer will stop at the 40th minute regardless of the score. (Both Halves). Regular Live Betting Game Line will be settled after regulation time (Extra Time does not count towards this line – Draw option offered). If an Extra Time is offered, only goals scored in this extra time will count towards the wager.
  6. Soccer: Game and 1st Half live betting are offered at the same time for major leagues. (Notes included under each line offered).