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Please read the following rules as they pertain to all bonuses given by BetUS.com.pa.

  1. Rollover is defined as the amount of cash action risked or won, depending on which is the lower amount on qualifying bet types and lines.
  2. Wagers placed using free play money will not qualify for or count towards the rollover. Rollover on all bonuses must be completed before a payout can be initiated.
  3. Bonuses are non-transferable and offer no cash value.
  4. Only one bonus/free play per account/household or shared computer environments such as libraries and internet cafes.
  5. A bonus only gains cash value after the particular rollover requirements are met.
  6. A rollover will reset once a successful deposit is made after a bustout. A bustout is when account balances (including casino bonus and free play) and pending wagers are at $0.
  7. Only the first $5,000 of any applicable wager will count towards the rollover.
  8. Of the risk/win amounts, the lower of the two amounts is used when calculating rollover.
    For example, if you place two wagers:
    Wager A: $220 to win $200
    Wager B: $100 to win $140
    The win amount from Wager A would be added to the risk amount from Wager B to give you a total of $300 towards your Rollover requirements.
  9. Recycling of funds is not permitted and will be considered abusing the bonus privilege.
    *Recycling of funds is when a withdrawal is made and a deposit is made immediately afterward in order to capitalize on the reload bonus.
  10. Please note some special bonuses may have individual requirements. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the special bonus for clarification.
  11. Bonus must be requested within 48 hours of deposit time.
  12. Bonuses are for recreational players only.
  13. Free play “eligible sports” is the only action that counts towards rollover.
  14. If any combinations of free plays and/or cash wagers are placed on both sides of an event the wager amount will not count towards rollover and BetUS.com.pa reserves the right to cancel one or both of the wagers in such a situation.

Rollover Eligible Sports & Lines

Sport Bet Type League
Football Full Game, 1st Half, 2nd Half NFL
Football Full Game, 1st Half, 2nd Half NCAA
Football Full Game, 1st Half, 2nd Half XFL
Football Game CFL
Basketball Full Game, 1st Half, 2nd Half NBA
Basketball Full Game, 1st Half, 2nd Half NCAA
Basketball Full Game, 1st Half, 2nd Half WNBA
Baseball Full Game & First 5 Innings MLB
Hockey Game NHL
Boxing Fight Boxing
Combat Fight UFC
Combat Fight MMA
Golf Matchups All
Tennis Game All
Soccer Game All

*Live Betting must be on the full game or half timeline to count towards the Rollover*

Please note: Baseball wagers only count as 50% when calculating rollover.
For example, if you place a Baseball wager risking $130 to win $100, half of the lower total would count towards your rollover requirements. In this example, $50 counts towards your rollover requirements.

*Props, Futures & Quarters Do not count towards the rollover*

*All Wagers on Horses count towards rollover other than Futures/Props*

*Preseason full game Bets on NBA & NFL count towards the rollover. NHL & MLB do not*


Full Free Play Rules