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  1. If a tournament is shortened, the official result will be used when grading the wagers (Odds to Win or Tournament Match ups). The tournament must be completed within seven days of its start for action.
  2. If there is no more play after a bet has been placed, the wager will be graded no action.
  3. A player has been deemed to have played once the player has teed off regardless of the number of holes the player completes.
  4. In a DEAD HEAT, the stake money on a selection is divided by the number of runners involved in the dead heat. The full odds are then paid to the divided stake with the remainder of the wagered amount being lost.
  5. The “Field” includes all players not offered by name.
  6. Multiple wagers/parlays/if bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the wager contributes to the outcome of another. If such a wager is taken in error it will be canceled. (Example: Parlays with the same competitor in different match ups).
  7. 1st Round Leader if 2 or more tie Dead heat Rules apply.

Outright Betting

  1. Player must Tee OFF for action. If a player does not start a tournament then all bets on that player will be void, (unless otherwise stated).
  2. All outright bets are settled on the player awarded the trophy. The result of playoffs is taken into account.
  3. A player is deemed to have played once they have teed off. In the event of a player withdrawing after having teed off then stakes will be lost on outright, group, match or 18 hole betting.
  4. Where a tournament is reduced from the scheduled number of holes for any reason (e.g. adverse weather conditions) outright bets placed prior to the final completed round will be settled on the player awarded the trophy if 36 holes of the tournament have been completed. If less than 36 holes have been completed or outright bets were placed after the final completed round then bets will be void.
  5. When more than one player shares the same lowest score in a tournament and there is no play-off, wagers are settled by the normal dead-heat rules.
  6. In the event of a play-off, the result of the play-off will determine the winner of the tournament only. No matter how may players contend the play-off, such a play-off has the sole purpose of deciding the winner of the tournament and the relative finishing positions of unsuccessful contestants is not affected for Outright, Match, or Group bets which are settled as detailed below.
  7. Dead-heat rules apply for Round Leaders (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Round Leader) and Top Futures (Top 5, Top 10, Top 20, Top American, Top European, Top Rest of the World, etc.). Settlement example for Top 5, Top 10, Top 20, or more: Customer selects Jon Rahm for a Top 5 Finish in a specified tournament. Customer wins if Rahm finishes in 5th, 4th 3rd, 2nd or 1st at the conclusion of the specified tournament. Customer loses if Rahm finishes 6th or worse. If Rahm finishes in a tie that extends beyond 5th place, dead heat rules apply. Same with top 10, 20 or more.

Match-up Betting

  1. For 72 Hole matchups, the winner will be determined by the highest finishing placement in the tournament or the best finishing position in the round in case of the 18 Hole Matchups. (Playoff matchups not included). Matchups must be completed within seven days of its start for action.
  2. If one player misses the cut, the opponent will be graded as the winner regardless of final standings.
  3. If both players miss the cut, the lowest score will be used to determine the winner.
  4. Both players must tee off and complete two holes for wagers to have action. (Matchups will have action for seven days).
  5. Push rules apply. (If playing in different PAR courses finishing position will determine the winner).
  6. 18 hole matchups are based on a single round. (Playoff not included).

Group/Handicap betting

  1. In 72 hole group/Handicap betting the winner will be the player with the highest placing at the end of the tournament. For Handicap, results take the handicap away from player’s final score (i.e. Els +4 handicap would be guarded as: Els shoots a total of 284 for the tournament – 4 shots, Net Total score on handicap is 280). Players missing the cut will be eliminated. If all listed players miss the cut the player with the lowest score at the cut will be deemed the winner.
  2. In 72 Hole Group Betting in the event of a tie, dead-heat rules apply, If the tournament is shortened, the official result will be used when grading the wagers.
  3. In 72 Hole Group betting in the event of a listed player being withdrawn prior to the first round then all wagers are void.
  4. Top European Players, Top US Player, etc are settled in the same way as 72 Hole Group Betting.
  5. Outright Handicap markets are graded as per listed selections only.

3 Ball Betting

  1. All 3 golfers must tee off and complete two holes for wagers to have action.
  2. Dead Heat rules apply.
  3. Round must be complete for wagers to have action.

Golf Rules for Live Wagering

  1. All Live Golf wagering tournaments (72 holes, sudden death) must be completed for action unless otherwise noted.
  2. Any weather delay will have action unless the full tournament is not completed.

FEDEX Championship

  1. The FedEx Cup is a season-long points competition which culminates with the FedEx Cup Playoffs, a series of three events to determine the FedEx Cup champion.

Golf Futures For Major Tournament Wins

  1. For Individual wagering on a player to win a single one of the 4 Golf Majors. All four Majors must be played.
  2. Four Majors included are: The Masters, The PGA Championship, The Open and The US Open.
  3. There will exceptions made if a customer wagers on a single tourney (The Masters) and wins. Exceptions can be made for grading.
  4. If one of the 4 Majors are not played, then the wagers not graded will result in a refund.

Golf’s Top 5, 10, 20 In All 4 Majors

  1. All 4 Majors must be completed for wager to have action.
  2. Majors include: The Masters, PGA Championship, The Open, The US Open.
  3. Dead Heat rules apply to all said wagers.
  4. Click here for the Official Golf Websites for results pgatour.com /www.europeantour.com