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Follow this Guide:

  1. An odds boost is a specific bet offered at a better price than normal.
  2. Boosted odds are subject to a maximum stake per customer.
  3. For Odds Boost parlays, if any selection in the parlay is a non-runner or otherwise void under the BetUS House Rules, then the entire Boost will be canceled regardless of the outcome of other selections in the parlay.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel any bet with an Odds Boost if the enhanced price is displayed erroneously as a result of technical or human error.
  5. Boost Odds are subject to price fluctuations.
  6. Player or game props can be one-way props, meaning an event happening (“Yes”), or not happening (“No”). The prop boost can be a parlay with two or more options. The same prop rules apply to boosted odds unless otherwise specified.