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SIMS Sports Simulations Rules

General Sports Simulation Rules

  1. In the event of a simulation game not completed due to connectivity issues, power outages, game crash or any other external factor, then all bets will have no action, unless the outcome of a wager has already been determined (I.E half-time score).
  2. In cases where there is a temporary loss of network connectivity, the simulation will be paused until connectivity is re-established and then resumed to completion.
  3. If connectivity is not re-established within 30 minutes, the event will be canceled and pending wagers will have no action.

NFL Simulations

  1. Betting events on NFL Simulations are live CPU (computer) vs CPU (computer) match-ups on Madden20.
  2. Games can be viewed live on the markets page or at
  3. If the game is tied after regulation, NFL overtime playoff rules apply.
  4. Any glitch in the game is accepted as part of the game itself.
  5. Disputes related to game glitches on the final box score will not be accepted. Bet results will be according to the scoring plays that resulted during game play.
  6. Length of game may vary from tournament to tournament. Please check market description before placing a wager.
  7. SIMS games are normally set at a maximum limit of $50 for straight bets and for combined bets. However, each event may have specific limits defined by the system.
  8. Weather conditions may vary, please check market description before placing your bet. If no weather conditions are listed then game will be played under neutral conditions.
  9. SIMS cash action will count towards diminishing any rollover.
  10. Games are played in “Simulation Mode” under “All-Madden” difficulty setting.
  11. Game timings and conditions are displayed at the start of each stream.
  12. Streams are recorded to and are available for 14 days. All wagering disputes must be made within this time period.
  13. Every team will have updated NFL rosters including the latest off-season moves (where possible).

Additional Information

  1. Download and install Twitch from the AppStore/PlayStore to watch the games LIVE from any device.
  2. Create an account and make sure to follow us at
  3. Having an account on Twitch allows you to chat and comment on the games with other fellow gamblers. Get involved!
  4. Get alerts whenever games are starting.

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