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Soccer Betting

The “Beautiful Game” of soccer also means a bountiful selection of betting odds for all types of fans. Whether you call it soccer or football, you can access soccer betting, from the FIFA World Cup to Association Football of most major levels, from the online sportsbook.

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What to bet on soccer?

The better question would be: What can we not bet on soccer? It all depends on how deep you like to get into the sport. For beginners, we have the four basics you will find in every major soccer match.

  • Money line: Pick the winner or pick a draw (only applies to regulation time)
  • Handicap: Pick a team to overcome their goal handicaps (add for underdogs, subtract from favorites)
  • Totals: Choose whether the total goals scored between both teams goes over or under the oddsmaker’s line
  • Team Totals: Similar to the totals but for only one team 

Once you’ve covered the basics, you can dive deeper into prop bets. These are all the additional wagers you can bet on in the match that include but are not limited to:

  • Correct score of the match
  • Half time – full time scores
  • Winning margin
  • First goalscorer
  • Total corners

Last. but not least, you can find “specials” as far as novelty bets go for soccer. If there are juicy headlines about Lionel Messi’s next team or Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth, expect it in the sportsbook.

The beauty of betting on the beautiful game is there is hardly an offseason. Soccer odds are not limited to just the English Premier League or MLS. When club football moves to international football, switch from betting on Neymar with Paris Saint-Germain to Neymar competing with Brazil. 

The sportsbook displays the soccer markets by league or tournament. But expect them to feature the main markets plus their own selection of props and futures.

If you’re a true footy, you probably don’t need that much help betting on soccer. Or, maybe you do and are curious about our take?  We’ve compiled a rich selection of soccer picks for your leisure and betting pleasure. 


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