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2022 World Cup Predictions

The 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup is finally upon us. If you´re looking to keep up with the best news, picks, predictions, reports and general information about the world’s most important soccer tournament look no further than right here.

World Cup Predictions for All the Games

We know for a fact you want the best picks for every game in the World Cup tournament, so check out our specialty World Cup Match Picks page and make bank with the help of our experts!

World Cup Bracket:

How to bet on the World Cup?

Sports fans around the world will be shifting their focus to Qatar as the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament is set to start. As we get ready for the most important national soccer team tournament in the globe, having the best information, analysis, and predictions for your world cup betting needs is a definite must, which is why here at BetUS, we got you covered from beginning to end.

As far as world cup betting odds go, the options are endless and the chances to win are as enticing as they are ever so present. At BetUS sportsbook we offer the best world cup betting options around, making the experience one that could end up with you making bank and looking like the biggest soccer pundit around.

Brazil looks like a shoo-in to win, right? But what about Messi and Argentina? There’s also France, Germany, England, and who knows, there might even be a dark horse candidate looming around waiting to surprise everybody. Picking the squad with the best world cup odds to win can be a feat all in itself, but don’t stress, let us help you out and make you a winner.

With a plethora of betting options for every matchup, futures betting options, prop bets, and more, BetUS sportsbook is ready to make your FIFA world cup betting bonanza just as exciting as the tournament itself.

The tournament is about to start, the teams are ready, the question here is, are you ready to score big betting on the top 2022 world cup odds? Hit up BetUS and get ready to make some money today!