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France’s All-Time Leading Goalscorer, Olivier Giroud, Is Set to Join the MLS

Giroud Has Agreed on Personal Terms and Is Finalizing a Deal to Play in Los Angeles FC

France’s Finest Has Arrived

The latest MLS rumors mean it might be time to finally break down and buy that season pass on Apple TV. Olivier Giroud is the latest international star who appears to be on the verge of joining the MLS.


France’s All-Time Leading Goalscorer, Olivier Giroud, Is Set to Join the MLS
Olivier Giroud of France | JEAN CATUFFE / DPPI via AFP

Reports say that Giroud is “finalizing” a deal with LAFC. Giroud’s move to Hollywood is expected to take place after Euro 2024 this summer.

This means we could see Giroud make his MLS debut as soon as late July. The news comes as Inter Miami has added several stars to join Lionel Messi over the last year including Luis Suarez.


Giroud Is Not Washed and Has Been a Key Player for AC Milan

While not on the level of Messi, Giroud is still a significant move for the MLS. Giroud has been a key player alongside Christian Pulisic for AC Milan.

The striker is on pace to surpass his 13 goals last season. Giroud’s stats include 12 goals and 8 assists through the first 26 matches.

It will be worth watching to see what other stars the MLS can add in the coming months. This is a trend that is no doubt being helped by the Messi effect.


MLS Ratings and Subscriptions Are Concerning

The secrecy of the MLS ratings and subscriptions continues to be an area of concern moving forward. If the MLS was crushing it with Apple TV subscriptions, you would think the league would be eager to reveal the details.

The lack of transparency indicates there could be some cause for concern for the league’s overall popularity. With the MLS no longer being a regular on mainstream networks like ESPN, it is challenging not to think this will hinder the growth of the league.

Yet, the league appears to be banking on younger fans who consume the game in different ways. Much like the NBA, some fans are digesting the matches in short social media clips rather than watching the entirety of MLS games.

How the league can monetize this new fandom will undoubtedly impact how MLS teams can finance big transfers like Giroud and Messi moving forward.

Overall, this is another good news day for the MLS. The league just might need to keep selling a lot of Messi’s jerseys to make up for the lack of TV ratings.

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