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Soccer or “futbol” is one of the most popular sports in the world, with club leagues in different countries and international games played year-round. That leads to a constant stream of soccer news spanning all the leagues, from the English Premier League to La Liga in Spain, or Major League Soccer in the United States and Brazil Serie A. 

We here at BetUS and the Locker Room want to keep you up to date on all the most significant stories, following the best players and biggest clubs. News can be a crucial aspect of soccer betting lines, giving insight into how a player – or tame – might play in the upcoming match. 

Especially with the bigger clubs playing in European tournaments, knowing how a player performs during the regular league game can be crucial when making a bet. A player could have been injured or struggled in a La Liga match, potentially shifting soccer odds for an upcoming Champions League matchup. 

That carries over into the international breaks, with players getting in or out of form, affecting how they play for their national and club teams. Similarly, injuries picked up on international breaks can have a lasting effect. A star player for a club could get injured while playing in the international break, having massive implications on a team’s soccer lines to win the league or success match to match. 

However, beyond all that, what actually might be the most important news to track for the sportsbook is the open transfer windows. Two times a year, the transfer window is open, where clubs can buy and sell players, improving their starting 11 or bench. 

Most European leagues, where the top teams are, follow the same transfer window calendar. There is a preseason window in the Summer, from mid-June to the first day of September. Then, during January, the season’s midpoint, there is another transfer window.

During those transfer windows is the height of soccer news, which is filled with rumors. Clubs are desperately trying to improve their team in the offseason or upgrade the team during a title race. Leagues and games are won during these transfer windows, and here at the Locker Room, we will keep you updated on all the vital player movement.   

Soccer News FAQs

  • How does betting on Soccer games work?

There are three main ways to bet on soccer games, each with different odds. The first is moneyline, selecting a team that will win or if the game will end in a tie. Second is betting on the spread, which is based on how much the favorite might win by and if the underdog can cover. The final option is betting the over/under on the total number of goals scored in a game. Keeping up to date on soccer news can help with any of these bets.


  • How do Soccer betting lines work?

Betting in the moneyline often leads to the least payout unless there is a strong underdog that  wins the game or forces a tie. Looking at the spread for a betting option focuses on how much a team can win by, usually set at two or more goals. You could also take the underdog to keep the game close and cover the spread. Finally, betting on the total goals depends on whether you believe this match will be high-scoring. 


  • Where can I access free Soccer expert picks?

The Locker Room is a website to get insight on soccer news and free expert picks. Our writers are up to date on all the essential news to help you make the right bet.