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Soccer News

Since soccer is a year-long sport that encompasses all professional levels and international tournaments, soccer news never stops. And with an embarrassment of riches to talk about, beyond the “Beautiful Game” itself, why should it? We compile an assortment of content for free at the sportsbook.

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Soccer, or ‘football’ as it’s known in most countries, is the world’s most popular sport. It originated way back in BCE when we, the human race, figured out how to make balls and kick them. But soccer has been more formally organized and recognized, beginning in the 1800s in England. 

This is the top sport for almost every country in the world and is the reason why the FIFA World Cup is the most watched sporting event. Beyond the World Cup, other international soccer tournaments like EURO and Copa America also attract widespread attention.

On the professional level, the English Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world. And it’s just one of many major soccer leagues, like MLS in North America or Serie A in Italy.

Put them all together and you have a smorgasbord of soccer content and matches complete with soccer odds. Our experts compile records, historical tidbits, lists and other insightful bits to help elucidate the grandness of this sport.

Soccer knowledge is one thing but betting on it is another entirely. With our experts’ extensive knowledge of the game, you can use these free soccer picks as a guide to figure out how to bet on the latest matches. 


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