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Bayern Munich 27, Rottach Egern O: Seriously

Bundesliga Champions Play Pinball in Preseason Opener

Bayern Munich must have been playing football Tuesday while Rottach Egern was playing futbol.

How else can one explain soccer news that saw Bayern Munich pile up 27 goals in a demolition of its opponent?

Bayern Munich 27, Rottach Egern O: Seriously
Bayern Munich's German midfielder Serge Gnabry | Christof stache / afp

At least one thing was consistent  … one team failed to score.

The final: Bayern 27, Rottach Egern 0.


Bayern averaged a goal every 2½ minutes and led 18-0 at halftime. The reigning Bundesliga champions also played Rottach Egern in 2019 and stomped them 23-0.

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