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Liverpool Players Back Familiar Face to Replace Klopp

Klopp’s Historic Chapter With the Reds Will Come To an End After 2023-2024 Season

A Familiar Face

Premier League news is swirling, tensions are high, and decisions are being made that could shake the foundations of some of our favorite teams. One such team facing an uncertain future is Liverpool, with the impending departure of their beloved coach Jurgen Klopp. But who will take the reins once Klopp bids farewell to Anfield?


Liverpool Players Back Familiar Face to Replace Klopp
Liverpool's manager Jurgen Klopp | Glyn Kirk / AFP

Support for Lijnders: Players Rally Behind Klopp’s Trusted Assistant

Enter Pep Lijnders, Klopp’s trusted number two and a familiar face to the Liverpool squad. Premier League rumors have it that the players themselves are throwing their support behind Lijnders to step into Klopp’s shoes. Now, that’s not to say that Xabi Alonso, the current favorite among fans, isn’t in the running. But there’s something to be said for continuity, and Lijnders certainly knows the ins and outs of the Liverpool setup better than most.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and consider the bigger picture. The role of a number two is vastly different from that of a head coach. Sure, we’ve seen success stories like Mikel Arteta, who flourished under Pep Guardiola’s tutelage before making a name for himself as a top-notch coach. But we’ve also seen cases where the transition didn’t quite go as planned, with the lack of experience or leadership ability proving to be stumbling blocks.

There is huge pressure that comes with managing a club as storied and beloved as Liverpool. It’s a tall order for anyone, let alone someone stepping into the shoes of a legend like Klopp.

Is Lijnders Going to Throw His Hat in the Ring?

As for Lijnders himself, he’s been a fixture at Liverpool since 2014, working alongside Brendan Rodgers before Klopp took the helm. He may have left briefly to manage NEC in the Netherlands, but he returned to Anfield in 2018 and played a pivotal role in the club’s recent successes, including Champions League and Premier League glory.

However, Lijnders has been playing it close to the chest regarding his future ambitions, emphasizing that Klopp’s shoes are not easily filled. And who could, if we take a gander at Klopp’s stats? Liverpool has netted 972 goals (with an average of 2.08 per game) and conceded 468 (at a rate of 1.00 per game) under Klopp’s tenure. On average, the Reds have accumulated 85 points per season since Klopp took the helm as boss. Lijnders expressed loyalty to Klopp and the club, suggesting that he may leave when Klopp does. But, in the unpredictable world of football, anything is possible.

Meanwhile, Xabi Alonso – the former Liverpool player turned Leverkusen boss – has been making waves of his own. With Leverkusen sitting at the top of the Bundesliga, Alonso’s star is on the rise. But will he leap back to Anfield? Only time will tell.

In the end, whether it’s Lijnders, Alonso, or someone else entirely, Liverpool fans at this moment are more focused on the 10 remaining Premier League games and the three-horse race against City and Arsenal for the top of the table.

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