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Premier League 2023-24: New Rules and Betting Tips

As the Premier League season approaches, there will be several brand-new rules put in place, with each designed to eradicate faults and improve the sport. Our sportsbook offers the best markets and Premier League live betting in the English top-flight league.

Added Time

The Qatar World Cup was notorious for adding huge amounts of stoppage time at the end of both halves. And it seems like the Premier League will be getting a similar experience too. Starting this season, time will be added to the end of a game for any seconds that are wasted by a team’s prolonged goal celebrations, substitutions, or injury delays. The clock will be paused from when play stops until it resumes.

Premier League 2023-24: New Rules and Betting Tips
Fans of Chelsea | Patrick smith/getty images/afp

This rule will be very efficient, ensuring that the ball is in play for a much longer amount of time and that wild celebrations in the final minutes of a game do not hinder an opponent’s chances of scoring a late goal either. This rule is great for goals, so if you’re betting online, make sure you’re going for overs.

Technical Area

There have been plenty of incidents of managers and his staff being aggressive with the fourth official, but this is set to change. From this season only one person will be able to approach the fourth official at a time, with the rest staying by the dugout.

And if managers or club officials are sent off next season,they will not be allowed to watch the game from the stands. Instead, they will been relegated to the TVs in the dressing rooms and must be out-of-sight of the pitch.

Players Behavior, Goalkeeper Punishments

The refs will be issuing harsher penalties for invasions of personal space, confrontational approaches and contact this season. More than two players grouping together around any official is set to result in bookings for the second, third, fourth players and so on.

Goalkeepers will have to get used to another new change next season: time-wasting during the match. The refs will now issue an early warning if they get the sense that a goalkeeper is wasting time. And if they persist, the official will dish out a punishment shortly after.

These two rules will bring us more bookings. If you love your props you should definitely include bookings to your soccer picks and parlays.

Denying Goal-Scoring Opportunity

In previous seasons, if a player was through on goal and was fouled, the player who fouled them would be shown a straight red card. Starting 2023-24, only fouls that are deemed intentional in these situations will be worthy of an automatic red card.

Infringements made when a genuine attempt is being made to play the ball will result in a yellow card. This will be a massive change, especially concerning the last man fouling a striker to prevent a goal-scoring opportunity. A reckless foul gets a yellow card while a careless one will be sent for an early bath.

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