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Social Notes About the 2022 World Cup

First World Cup to be Held in Arab World

Controversy All Around

The decision of granting Qatar the organization of the 2022 World Cup, which was taken by FIFA in 2010, has been one of the most controversial in the history of the entity. In fact, it was the beginning of the end for Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, FIFA president from 1998 to 2015.

Yes, like all soccer betting enthusiasts, but we still have to talk about some of the social issues in and around soccer’s biggest stage.

Social Notes About the 2022 World Cup | BetUS Sportsbook
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Relationship Between Qatar and the Sport

Prior to the 2022 edition, Qatar had never been able to qualify for the WC. They’ve won the AFC Asian Cup once and it was in 2019. Other than that, their biggest achievement has been to win the Arabian Gulf Cup.

In other words, Qatar isn’t a country that is soccer relevant. That’s why they had to start building all the stadiums so far in advance because they didn’t have the adequate infrastructure for an event of this magnitude. In order to meet deadlines, they hired migrant workers under poor conditions. Companies in charge forced workers to do extra work by denying promised salaries, retaining permits and threatening them with further consequences.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a stadium that’s detachable. In other words, they aren’t thinking about soccer beyond the WC.

Finally, the temperature in Qatar between June and July, months in which the WC is traditionally held, can reach more than 122 F. That’s why the event is going to be held in December, changing everything for everyone.

Discrimination & Public Affection

FIFA has always promoted soccer as a sport for all, without any kind of distinction. That includes the executives, coaches, players and fans. Well, homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, and someone who they considered an offender could get a fine of up to seven years imprisonment.

Overall, any intimacy in public (kissing, canoodling, fondling, etc.), even between men and women can lead to arrest. So is sex outside of marriage.


The WC is a party that happens once every four years. People literally spend their savings to attend and enjoy. In some cases, enjoying involves drinking alcohol, especially if you’re celebrating your team’s victory. Well, not in Qatar, at least not freely. Alcohol will be available, but only at designated fan zones outside the stadiums. Why? Because drinking in public isn’t permitted.

How to Dress

Regarding clothes, women tourists should prioritize wearing shirts or blouses without necklines and that preferably covers the upper portion of their arms. Skirts, shorts, or dresses must go below the knee, while leggings aren’t allowed as they’re too tight on the body.

No Manifestation

FIFA won’t allow any team to show messages in favor of human rights, or in general, refer to any situation with which they don’t agree. In fact, the Danish team has already been forbidden from wearing training shirts with a message about human rights.

Today, we received a message from FIFA that the training shirt we had thought the players should train in, which says Human Rights For All on the stomach, has been rejected for technical reasons, and we are sorry about that are of the opinion that the message Human Rights for All is universal and is not a political call, but it should be something that all people can support,” said the Danish Football Federation CEO Jakob Jensen in an interview.

All of the above led Blatter to accept that awarding the WC to Qatar was a mistake. However, FIFA is such a strong, well-oiled machine, and the WC is such an important event for millions of people that doing something about was and still is impossible.

Bet on Soccer’s Biggest Stage

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