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Soccer Picks and Parlays

Making soccer picks can be as tough as actually playing soccer. Well, maybe not. But it’s still tough. Whether it’s England facing a country you never heard of or Real Madrid vs Barcelona in El Clasico, the BetUS online sportsbook has the Soccer Odds and we’re here to guide you.

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What has helped Soccer, or “futbol,” become the most popular sport in the world, is that there are always games. With there always being matches, that always opens a door for consistent soccer betting lines throughout the year to keep bettors and fans interested.

While the height of soccer odds is during the club’s regular season, international play can not be dismissed. The World Cup, EURO, Copa America, and even Friendlies or qualifiers for big tournaments, can all be bet on.

BetUS will have odds on virtually every international game, whether it’s a low-stakes friendly or the World Cup final that will captivate millions of fans. Here at the Locker Room, we provide you with soccer expert picks for almost every game that BetUS has odds on. We help you find valuable bets for games under the radar throughout international play.

Identifying the best options for soccer picks carries to the club level. We look at every big game within Europe and its numerous leagues, while also helping you keep tabs on the MLS and other leagues across the Americas.

The main objective is to provide you, the bettor, with the most information possible to make the best picks on soccer lines. Our writers have a vast knowledge of the top leagues in Europe, providing you with information for the big or small games in the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the Bundesliga.

Our club coverage does not stop with the leagues. We also follow the teams when they qualify for the biggest club tournaments in the world, from the Champions League to CONMEBOL Libertadores.

On top of that, while betting on games is often the most accessible, our writing staff also provides soccer predictions for every season and tournament. These articles can be beneficial when making future bets on a league or tournament winner.

Soccer Picks FAQs

  • How does betting on Soccer games work?

When looking to make a soccer pick in a game, there are three main betting options: moneyline, spread, and goal total. Moneyline is picking the exact outcome of the game, the winner, or if the match ends in a tie. The spread focuses on how much the favorite will win by. The favorite is selected by the sportsbook based on their likelihood of winning. Finally, the goal total is the number of goals scored in that match.

  • How do Soccer betting lines work?

    For every soccer betting line, there are different odds. For example, for moneyline bets, odds are assigned to both teams, but also a tie, the three potential outcomes of every match. The odds reflect how likely something is to happen. When it comes to spreads, it is more based on one team winning by a set number of goals and the potential of the opponent covering that. Regarding total goals, the odds are set as an over/under, around a set line.

  • Where can I access free soccer expert picks?

    Locker Room is an excellent option for free expert Soccer picks. Our writers keep up to date on all the news around the world of soccer and use BetUS to make the most informed picks.