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Soccer Picks

Making soccer picks can be as tough as actually playing soccer. Well, maybe not. But it’s still tough. Whether it’s England facing a country you never heard of or Real Madrid vs Barcelona in El Clasico, the BetUS online sportsbook has the Soccer Odds and we’re here to guide you.

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The best thing about soccer is that it’s always happening. Fans of all levels will have no shortage of soccer games on which to watch or bet. There is an international tournament or two happening almost every year while the professional leagues from the Premier League to MLS take up most of the calendar year. Plus, there are friendlies. 

We do our best to cover as much soccer as possible. Yes, we will even break down a match between Martinique and St. Kitts, even if most of us have to look at a map to identify these countries. 

If the book has soccer odds, we’re on it. And we don’t just stick to picking winners or betting heavy chalk. We’ll find valuable prop bets, look for an edge in the totals or team totals, and even talk up some soccer futures like the next FIFA World Cup winner.

While we can’t promise that every pick we make will be a winner, we can proudly claim we offer in-depth analysis using a combination of comprehensive soccer knowledge, up-to-date statistics and our guts! 

Along with our soccer news, parlay our picks to inform yourself on the latest soccer matches while also having fun. That’s what betting on soccer is supposed to be.

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