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Is Kai Havertz Premier League’s Most Influential Player?

The German Midfielder Has Developed in a New Position With Defensive Responsibilities

Underappreciated Talent

Kai Havertz’s Premier League adventure has been a real white-knuckle ride! When he first landed at Arsenal, everyone expected him to be a superstar – Premier League news reported a massive price tag and we know that with it comes great expectation. But things got bumpy fast, with fans and pundits alike giving him a rough time. Lately though, it’s been a total turnaround! Havertz has been on fire, and now he’s one of the most important players in the whole league.


Is Kai Havertz Premier League's Most Influential Player?
Arsenal's Norwegian midfielder #08 Martin Odegaard | Adrian Dennis / Afp


A Story of Redemption

When Havertz first walked onto the pitch for Arsenal, you could practically cut the tension with a knife! His early games were a bit of a letdown. Missed chances left and right, and the frustration from the fans was thick in the air. This was reflected in the now-infamous chant:



Tsamina mina, eh, eh,

Waka waka, eh, eh,

£60 million down the drain,

Kai Havertz scores again.

Even Blues legend Frank Leboeuf questioned Havertz’s abilities, suggesting his place might be “on the bench.” Yet, amidst the criticism, Havertz remained resilient, undeterred by the noise surrounding him.

Fast forward to the present, and the narrative surrounding Havertz has undergone a dramatic shift. With nine goal contributions since February 17, including five goals and four assists, he now stands atop the Premier League as the most influential player in the past seven weeks.

This hot streak isn’t just him lighting up the scoreboard – he’s been a beast on defense too! Havertz’s stats this season are pretty impressive we’re talking 26 tackles, 10 blocked shots, 15 interceptions, and 17 clearances. He’s become the ultimate all-around player in Arsenal’s midfield, shutting things down just as much as he creates magic.

The Havertz Effect: Impacting Arsenal’s Title Charge

Mikel Arteta’s unwavering faith in Havertz has paid dividends, as the German emerges as a linchpin in Arsenal’s title aspirations. Despite early doubts, some Premier League rumors mention that some well-known figures told Arteta that Havertz would cost him the title. But Arteta’s belief in Havertz’s abilities has been vindicated, cementing his status as a key figure in the Gunners’ quest for glory.

With the team poised for a challenging final stretch of 7 Premier League games, Havertz remains focused on the task at hand, ready to contribute his best to secure Arsenal’s first league title in two decades. In an interview with Sky Sports after the victory against Brighton, he said: “We try to focus on ourselves and win the game. That is more important than looking at others.

We are ready for the challenge and we are up for it. You see it every week, everyone plays at the limit and maybe we can even play better.

The work rate is phenomenal and everyone puts everything into that game.

Our defending, the boys at the back, what they are doing is outstanding. Everyone is involved in that, the players up front as well.

The way they defend the box is incredible. Credit to the team but we have to keep going.

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