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The bet slip is where you collect your wagers and where you can compile bets to create parlays, teasers, and other special betting types. You can select the games you’d like to bet on and choose whether you’d like to wager on each individually or if you want to group them together to increase the odds and chance you might have a larger payout.

When it comes to betting on sports, your bet slip is essentially your shopping cart for your wagers. If you are familiar with online shopping at any eCommerce store, you will shop around, placing items in your cart, and when you’re finished you visit your cart to see your total. Sports betting slips are very similar to that, as you can shop around for the best odds and wagers, then check out your bet slip and determine if you want to proceed before placing your wager.

The bet slip will automatically calculate odds and your potential winnings, and if you decide to create a parlay it will add the odds for your selected games together so you can see how much you would win based on the outcomes you choose.

Once you place your wager, your bet slip becomes a receipt of all the games you bet on, and you can easily view it in your account.

What Goes on the Bet Slip?

Any betting type on our sportsbook!

You can mix and match any games, betting types, specials, props – all odds on our sportsbook can be added to your bet slip. You simply just have to decide which odds you’d like to bet on and you can add it – whether you’re betting moneylines, point spreads, totals, props, or futures. From those odds, you can choose to then turn those selected lines into parlays, teasers, round robins, action reverse, and more.

Let’s go over each example of betting options you could find added to your bet slip:

Moneyline on a Bet Slip

Moneyline betting is by far the easiest betting option and a great place for beginners to start. You can add a moneyline bet to your bet slip by simply selecting which of the outcomes you believe will occur. You will likely see the two teams playing in the particular game you want to bet on, and you will choose which player you believe will win, and add that bet to your bet slip.

If you want to bet on the Boston Celtics vs the Brooklyn Nets and the odds look like this:

Boston Celtics +650
Brooklyn Nets -900

You can tell that the Nets are a huge favorite going into the game. If you want to place a wager on the underdog team, the Celtics, you will click the square that says ‘+650’ and it will be added to your bet slip automatically. If you place a $10 wager on the Celtics to win, your bet slip will reflect that you would win $75 by betting on the Celtics, as your initial $10 will also be returned to you.

Point Spreads on a Bet Slip

Point spreads follow the same principles as a moneyline, but you will be giving the underdog team a bit of a head start before the game begins. Our oddsmakers will assess the game in question and list the point spreads for each team prior to the game based on either team’s likelihood of winning.

Let’s use the same teams as above and say that the line is set at 12.5 points. What this means is that the Nets are still huge favorites and will need to win the game by 13 points or more. For the Celtics, they can either lose the game by less than 12 or win the game outright. Each team’s point spread carries -110 odds, which is standard for a point spread wager on any sportsbook.

If you add the Nets at -12.5 to your bet slip at -110 odds and bet $50 on that wager, you will potentially win $45.45 and also have your initial stake returned to you – almost doubling your initial stake.

Totals on a Bet Slip

If you’re not sure which team might win or even win by a margin, you add a totals wager to your bet slip. A totals bet is when you determine if the total number of points scored by both teams will be higher or lower than our oddsmaker’s set line. Let’s say the total for the Celtics versus the Nets is 226. This would mean you will need to determine if you think both teams will collectively score more or less than 226.

Each side of the totals wager will have -110 odds more often than not, so you can keep that in mind when selecting the wager for your bet slip. Let’s say you choose the under, and the score ends up being 116-107 which is a collective total of 223. If you placed a $100 wager on this bet on your bet slip, you would have won $90.91 plus have your $100 returned to you for a grand total of $190.91

We also offer team totals, which are the exact same, but the total number of points for each team. If the oddsmakers set the team total for the Brooklyn Nets at 123.5, you would have to determine if you think the Nets will score more than 124 or less than 123.

Parlay on a Bet Slip

If you place between two and 15 wagers on a bet slip, you will have the option to combine the odds for all wagers into one singular wager. All legs of the parlay wager will have to win for your bet to cash. You can choose from any combination of moneyline, point spreads, and totals.

However, if all legs of your wager are correct, you will win some big money. When you select a few wagers and want to combine them, you’ll select the parlay option on your bet slip and enter how much you’d like to wager on all the odds, instead of wagering $5 per game on five games, you could combine those five games into a parlay and bet $5 to win $100+ depending on the odds.

Round Robin on a Bet Slip

If you have parlays down and have a good grasp on them, you can take a look at round-robin wagers on your next bet slip. You select a variety of games or odds that you want to bet on at once and select the round-robin function on your bet slip. This will create several two-game or outcome parlays, depending on how many events or outcomes you choose.

The sportsbook takes the effort out of round robins – all you have to do is choose the games you want to bet on and once you select Round Robin on the bet slip, and combinations are automatically generated.

If-Bets and Action Reverse on a Bet Slip

Another option offered on the BetUS sportsbook is the option to put conditions on your wagers. You can bet on one event, then the next event would be conditional on the first winning. So, if your first bet loses, your second is null and void, and if you bet on a third, you will have to win your first two wagers for the third to be eligible, and so on.

You can select between two and six wagers, and on the sports betting slip, you will need to select if you want to do an ‘if win only’ or ‘if win or push’. If you choose ‘if win only’, you can bet more money than your initial stake. You can bet your winnings from your first wager on your second, which will in turn make your payout quite big if you bet on a few games.

If win or push means you can still proceed if your wager ends in a push. Your payout will be less for that wager, but it will allow you to continue on with your If Bet, even if you don’t technically win.

Action reverse wagers are very similar to If-Bets, which links all your wagers together and depends on the one before it to win in order to proceed. Action reverse will make the conditional wager also in reverse, so you have two separate wagers. If you bet on four games, you might bet 1-2-3-4 but you will also have a bet that’s 4-3-2-1.

Calculating Betting Odds on Your Bet Slip

While odds calculators are fun and helpful to try to figure out what your bet would payout, we recommend just doing some shopping around and adding wagers to your bet slip to have a good idea of how much you’d win on any given wager or combination bet. The bet slip will have the most accurate odds calculation and actually show you what you’ll win instead of a random odds calculator.

Also, odds calculators on third-party sites don’t have the capabilities to calculate if-bets, parlays, and round robins. The best method for calculating these would be on our sportsbook where you can easily hit submit when you’re happy with your wagers.

You can always play around with the odds and add or remove odds from your bet slip as you see fit – until you find the perfect wager or multi-line bet, The wager isn’t placed until you hit Bet Now.