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Action Reverse bets go hand in hand with ‘If Bets’, a betting type that places a link between all your bets that are conditional on the one prior. Reverse bets allow you to make your if bet with reverse action, meaning you have two wagers placed both ways. If your first wager wins or pushes, then your second wager will be placed, or wager two wins, place one.

An action reverse bet allows you to bet on two to eight games, similarly to a parlay wager, but the wagers are placed conditionally on the one prior to it. Meaning your first bet will need to win for your second bet to be placed, and then your second bet will need to win for your third to be placed, and so on. Then, with action reverse betting, you will have a secondary wager that goes in reverse. So, your fourth bet will need to win before your third, your third bet will need to win before your second bet is placed, and the second will need to win before your first bet is placed.

Basically, you’re placing 2 wagers, the second bet will go in the reverse order – reversing the action.

How to place an Action Reverse Bet

For a simple example, let’s say you want to bet on an NFL Sunday. You decide to choose three betting options that occur at different points in the day (not that this is totally important, you can place action reverse bets on games that start at any time):

New England Patriots-150 (1:15 pm game) You place a $50 wager to win $83.33
Baltimore Ravens -120 (4:15 pm game) You place an $80 wager to win $146.67
Chicago Bears +250 (Sunday Night Football at 8 pm) You place a $50 to win $200.

If your if bet wins, you would win $300 total.

Your first bet will look like an If Bet, if you’re familiar with those. This schedule works well for explaining how the conditional formatting works as the games don’t occur simultaneously. If each bet is correct, and the next one can activate, you can continue along with your if bet wager. If the New England Patriots win at the early game, your bet clears and you’ll win and your second bet on the Ravens will activate. Then you will need the Raven’s wager to win as well, in order to activate your third and final bet.

Once your third bet is activated, you will need the Bears to win for your entire If Bet slip to cash.

Now, when we place an action reverse bet, we are reversing that timeline. Your second slip, reversed action would start with the $50 wager on the Bears at +300, where you’d return $200. Your second bet on the Ravens would go ahead and $80 would be placed on the Ravens at -120 winning you $146.67. Then, your third leg of your wager would be the Patriots at -150, where you’d win $83.33. You would also win $300 in this format. A good trick to keep in mind when reversing your if bet, is to bet similar amounts on the first and last leg, so you aren’t losing extra money if you do lose any wagers.

These bets are all conditional on the one before it, so if the Ravens lost, your bets would lose both ways. If any of these games lose, your bet slip won’t win. Like parlays, all parts of your action reverse bet need to be correct to be eligible for winnings. You really have to be certain with your wagers, especially your middle one, as it’s the only similarity in both your initial wager and the reversed action wager.

Action Reverse Betting Options

You can place a variety of combinations of action reverse bets. You can combine different sports and different betting types into 2 to 8 game slips. You could place an action reverse bet on an NBA total, an NHL point spread, and a college basketball moneyline if you chose to.

Why choose Action Reverse Bets over Single Game Wagers?

Linking games together in hopes of a greater payout is what parlays are for, where you combine the odds and create a risky ticket. But with Action Reverse bets, you aren’t really tying bets together in hopes of a bigger return, you are linking regular single game wagers for almost no reason.

There really isn’t a good reason to choose action reverse or if bets instead of single game wagers, except for the thrill of it.

Ready to place your first Action Reverse Bet?

Now that you have an idea of how Action Reverse bets work, it’s time to start betting! Action Reverse bets can make for a fun day of betting if you have enough games to place wagers on, you just need to make sure you are sure of the order of your wagers and try to avoid highly risky wagers at first.

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Here is an example of an Action Reverse with three teams and a $10 entered wager amount*:

Team A (-300)     +      Team B (+300)     + Team C (Ev)

1st If-Bet Risking $30 to win $40

Team A (-300) Risking $30 to win $10

Team B (+300) Risking $10 to win $30

($30 restricted from the account in order to place wagers)

2nd If-Bet Risking $30 to win $20

Team A (-300) Risking $30 to win $10

Team C (Ev) Risking $10 to win $10

($30 restricted from the account in order to place wagers)

3rd If-Bet Risking $10 to win $40

Team B (+300) Risking $10 to win $30

Team C (Ev) Risking $10 to win $10

($10 restricted from the account in order to place wagers)

4th If-Bet Risking $30 to win $40

Team B (+300) Risking $10 to win $30

Team A (-300) Risking $30 to win $10

($30 restricted from the account in order to place wagers)

5th If-Bet Risking $30 to win $20

Team C (Ev) Risking $10 to win $10

Team A (-300) Risking $30 to win $10

($30 restricted from the account in order to place wagers)

6th If-Bet Risking $10 to win $40

Team C (Ev) Risking $10 to win $10

Team B (+300) Risking $10 to win $30

($10 restricted from the account in order to place wagers)

Entered Wager Amount: $10

Number of If-Bets: 6

Total Amount Risked: $140

Total Amount to Win: $200

*For each If-Bet, there are two possible risk amounts (one for each way). The higher of the two will be the Risk amount that is restricted from your account at the time of placing the wager. By restricting the higher risk amount when the wager is placed, you will have enough to cover both wagers in each If-Bet.

The maximum potential loss amount will be the risk amount restricted from your BetUS sportsbook account when you place your wager. After all corresponding events have finished, the appropriate win or loss amount will be applied.

If any participating game is canceled or otherwise declared No Action, any Action Reverse wagers with plays on the canceled game will be reduced. A three-play $100 Action Reverse wager will become a two-play $100 Action Reverse wager. Then, assuming standard odds, a two-play $100 Action Reverse wager will become a straight bet at $110 to win $100. If all plays are canceled, your Action Reverse will have no action and all associated funds will be refunded immediately.

Wins Pushes Losses Win/ Loss Amount
3 0 0 Win $1200
2 1 0 Win $800
1 2 0 Win $400
2 0 1 Win $160
0 3 0 No Action
1 1 1 Lose $140
0 2 1 Lose $440
1 0 2 Lose $460
0 1 2 Lose $660
0 0 3 Lose $660

How to Place a Reverse Bet on BetUs

Go to the sportsbook page at BetUS. If you only want to see the lines for one sport, such as football, click the football link in the menu on the right to see what options are available for wagering on football. The options will show up in a dropdown menu underneath the main football tab.

If you want to bet on NFL, click on it and the available games will show up in the middle of the page in what is called the betting engine. Choose which NFL events you would like to bet on by clicking on the odds displayed in the betting engine. After your choice loads, you will see it in the right hand column under Bet Slip.

To choose another sport to add to your ticket, go back to the Sports column on the left and click another sport. Choose again from the available events and add them to your Bet Slip. Only full game lines or series are allowed for exotic wagers, which include reverses.


The system will automatically inhibit you from choosing two correlated wagers on the same game. For example, choosing Team A to win on the point spread and also on the moneyline. You will only be able to choose one or the other, as they are otherwise too similar (correlated) to allow on the same ticket.

All your chosen events will be listed in the Bet Slip with your wager options above.

As you are choosing your events, you will see wager options for placing a Parlay, If-Bet, Reverse, and Teaser in the Bet Slip. Straight will be the default wager type until you choose something else. Whatever wager type the Bet Slip is set to will be grey, as below.

Action Reverse Betting - Bet Slip

Click the Reverse button and you will see all your selections listed in the Bet Slip. By entering a wager amount, your maximum Risk and maximum Win amounts will automatically be generated for you.

Action Reverse Betting

To add more selections or an event from another sport on the menu, just bring up the lines for that sport in the betting engine again and select another event. The Bet Slip will add that event and keep itself in Reverse mode. If you have already entered a wager amount, the Risk and Payout amounts will automatically readjust with the new event’s odds.

Placing the Bet

To place your bet into the system, click the Place my bets button under the Bet Slip:

Action Reverse Betting - Wager Confirmation

Here, your BetUS Bet Slip gives you one more chance to view your pending wager before it is placed. This includes the game information, lines, and Risk and Win amounts. To confirm your wager, simply click Confirm.  After you do this, you will be unable to change your wager and BetUS will be unable to cancel it.

Action Reverse Betting - Important Note

Once your wager is confirmed, the Bet Slip will again show you all your wager details and ask you to print a hard copy of your Slip. In case of emergency or other circumstance, no internet claims will be honored unless a printed copy of bets in question is supplied.