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What is Live Betting? A Beginner’s Guide

Live betting on sports is exploding in popularity, and we are providing a brief explanation and breakdown to get you up to speed.

What is Online Live Betting on Sports?

When discussing general sports betting, what we’re talking about is known as “pregame betting.” Wagering on games before they begin is the norm, and most betting information revolves around this method. Pregame betting is so dominant some may not be aware that there are options other than placing bets before the opening whistle sounds.

In contrast to pregame betting, live or in-play betting allows you to make bets when the game is being played. In-game betting refers to any wager made between the first and final plays of the game. They operate the same way as pregame wagers, the only difference being when bets are made.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this form of online sports betting.

The significant advantage is the odds tend to be more valuable than when betting pregame, especially in the first few minutes.

Another advantage to live in-play betting is the sheer excitement it offers. Watching and betting on a game live provides high interaction and drama in said event. If you enjoy betting on an NFL game and sweating out all four quarters, imagine if you can wager on the next drive. You can make more wagers and use what you see in the game to make more educated guesses about the outcome of upcoming events.

The only real downside to live betting is that you must watch the games if you are serious about winning wagers. You can follow along with the box score and get lucky, but you must be “in” the game to make consistent profits when live betting. This is not an issue for some, but scheduling conflicts can make watching games difficult for others.

Live betting is an excellent opportunity for new bettors to up the excitement after signing up for a new account at BetUS Sportsbook. Now is the time to register and take advantage of two BetUS welcome offers for new accounts.

The first is a 125% sign-up bonus of up to $2,500. The second gives you $450 worth of bets if you make an initial deposit of $200. Both are designed to get you started with some extra coins in your pocket for making live betting picks.

Live Betting Strategy Guide

While live betting differs little from pregame betting, the strategies involved don’t align quite as much. For example, you will likely pore over full-game stats when making pregame wagers on moneylines or spreads. But, live action forces you to bet on quarters or halves of games. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with which teams start hot or finish slow.

Capping live bets depends on what sport you are looking at. If you are betting live MLB odds, consider looking at each team’s bullpen stats. You can even find stats for how many average runs teams score in each of the nine innings. The same goes for runs against on defense. If a team has a terrible ninth innings ERA, chances are you can make some quick cash by fading their relief pitching late in a tight game.

Similarly, if you want to wager on the NFL, consider betting on quarterbacks with a history of comeback wins. Recently retired Tom Brady was a great example of this. Brady is an all-time great comeback player and made a lot of live bettors and a lot of money over the years.

As far as current players go, Derek Carr has the most comeback wins in the NFL (28), with Russell Wilson (27) and Andy Dalton (25) second and third. Patrick Mahomes ranks 87th all-time with 13, but he’s only been in the league five years. Mahomes is a prime target in games where the Kansas City Chiefs are ML underdogs losing in the fourth quarter by seven or fewer points.

Another tip for live betting success is to watch games you plan on wagering. Live betting requires a feel for the game and the ability to make quick decisions. If you are just paying attention to the box score, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. You’re watching on a delay and not getting any of the vital information. Maybe a player is having a fantastic game but came up limping after the last play. You won’t know this and may make a bad bet as a result.

If you’re just reading the stat lines, you are missing out on quite a lot and making less-profitable live wagers as a result.

Now you’re prepared to embark on your live betting experience! Simply visit our online sportsbook or create a new account, benefit from our fantastic sign-up bonuses, and begin placing live bets on your preferred sports.

Live Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Why is BetUS an excellent option to bet on Live Betting Online?

BetUS is an excellent option for Live Betting betting because it provides comprehensive, competitive, and up-to-the-second odds with top-tier customer service and worthwhile promotions.

How to Bet on the Live Betting Odds?

On the homepage of the BetUS Sportsbook. Click the “Live” button on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You will be presented with all the live odds available broken down by sport. The total number of games is shown at the top, and you can set favorites to better keep track of what you are wagering on.

How does Live Betting work?

Live Betting is the same as pregame betting, but wagers are made during the event, not before. The odds for live bets are constantly changing, so be prepared to move fast when you see a line you like. 

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