92nd Academy Awards: Betting Preview & Picks

92nd Academy Awards
Sunday, February 9th - 8:00pm ET
Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Whether you're a movie buff or are looking to add to your must-watch films, tune into the Oscars on Sunday night. Visit the BetUS Sportsbook to bet on all of the major awards and score a win for yourself this weekend.


Best Picture

1917 (-350) is the favorite to win Best Picture. 1917 is a film made for an Oscar. It's a dramatic, enthralling film with amazing cinematography based on World War I.

An upset in this category is possible, but highly unlikely. Joker (+1000) may be a sleeper due to its mental health aspect and captivating performance by Joaquin Phoenix.

Best Actor

Joaquin Phoenix (-6000) had huge shoes to fill, figuratively and literally. Heath Ledger immortalized the role of Joker in The Dark Knight. Phoenix's Joker in the origin film was one we hadn't seen before.

Joker was essentially the making of a sociopath. Phoenix's portrayal of Arthur Fleck was flawless. The audience felt Fleck's pain and anger, at times even sympathizing with the figure we all knew would turn into Batman's greatest foe.

Phoenix will run away with this award.

Best Director

1917 is a breathtaking film filled with excitement, intrigue, and heartache. Sam Mendes (-1000) did a phenomenal job with this picture. The level of detail and importance he put on accuracy was evident on-screen.

The film is made to look as if it was recorded all in one shot.

This is Mendes' award to lose and he ain't losing it.

Best Actress

Marriage Story was an emotional tale about a marriage ending and the family's ups and downs as they aim to stay together. Scarlett Johansson (+1000) and Adam Driver (+900) starred in the film.

Johansson's role as Nicole is one many women (and some men) will relate to and empathize with. Nicole feels alone and loveless in her marriage and life. She decides to change all of that when she files for divorce.

Marriage Story is a film that will stick with you for days. Johansson is a big reason for that.