How To Play Multi-Hand BlackJack

Basic Rules

The object of BlackJack is to have your cards total or get as close to 21 without going over. Aces count as 1 or 11 while all face cards have a value of 10. All other number cards are worth their displayed value.

Players and the dealer are each dealt one card at a time. If anyone's two cards total 21, that person has hit a BlackJack and is paid out 1.5 times the amount risked (unless stated otherwise).

If no one scores a BlackJack, the player to the dealer's left plays first. During your turn, you can choose to Hit, Stand, Double, or Split (if both of your cards have the same value).

Hit: If you choose to hit, you will receive an additional card from the dealer. You can hit until you hit or go over 21. If you hit 21, you cannot lose that hand. If you go over 21, you immediately bust and lose the hand

Stand: You will receive no more cards and choose to stick with your current total.

Double: Your risk is doubled and you receive one card. It is most advisable to double when your opening pair totals 8-11. Some variations of BlackJack allow you to double at different points. Check the table rules to verify.

Split: When your opening pair have equal value, you can choose to split them into separate hands. Upon splitting, you will receive one additional card on each of your opening cards and your original risk is automatically placed on the new hand. You can continue to play the hands as you normally would, including splitting again (unless you have Aces).

Insurance: If the dealer's first (face-up) card is an Ace, you are given the choice to buy insurance. To buy insurance, you add 50% of your initial risk to your hand. The dealer will check the card. If the dealer has BlackJack, you are paid 2-to-1. If the dealer does not turn over a 10 or face card, you lose the 50% insurance wager.

Multi-hand BlackJack allows you to play several hands at the same table.

Multi-Hand BlackJack Tips

  1. Before you begin to play, set a time limit.
  2. Know when to quit. Stick to your time limit whether you're up or down.
  3. Play each hand independently.
  4. Choose a hand to play aggressively and remain consistent with your approach.
  5. Split hands with face cards when possible.
  6. Buy insurance when the dealer shows an ace unless you're holding a strong starting pair.
  7. Unless your starting hand equals 20 or 21, consider an Ace a one (1) and play accordingly.
  8. Play to win each hand. Remember that you're playing each hand independent from one another.

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