MLB Betting

Baseball Betting

Everybody knows that baseball is America’s pastime and that there are three ways to make it more exciting: Go see a live game, wait for the playoffs to start, or—something you can do all season long right from the comfort of your couch—place a bet on baseball in the BetUS sportsbook.
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What odds are available for MLB betting?

In the BetUS sportsbook, we have all the baseball odds you can imagine, and lots more. Dime lines on the moneyline keep it inexpensive, run lines keep the game interesting as the last at-bats step up to the plate, and totals keep a lopsided score from ruining your fun. We have lines for the first five innings, Runs + Hits + Errors totals, who will score first and so much more.  BetUS also has baseball odds for KBO and NPB, if you like that international flair. Take a shot at guessing each team’s regular season wins total, National and American League pennant winners, and of course we have World Series odds in our baseball futures section.

MLB Free Picks and Parlays

We know, there are a lot of games with a ton of lines, and news coming out daily, and you only have so much time in your day. Let our seasoned veterans—experts at finding those choice lines—break down the news and numbers for you. Every day, we have free MLB picks you can bet on. Take those picks straight up or combine them into various parlay wagers.

Baseball Matchups

Baseball is all about the stats. Every matchup has tons of information for those of us who like to go deep into that rabbit hole. Get digging with our BetUS baseball matchup pages. For the bigger games, and all of the playoffs, our writers will sift through every important statistic and all the relevant news for you. Just go to our baseball betting section to see what new articles we’ve prepared.

How to Bet on Baseball

If you are new to betting, don’t fret. BetUS makes betting on baseball super easy. While you’ll probably be able to figure it out for yourself because our betting engine is so intuitive, we explain every step in our easy-to-follow and understand baseball betting guide. Visit our how to place a baseball bet page. Visit our how to read baseball lines page.

Baseball Betting News

Keep up with all the news from around the baseball world, including contracts, injuries and more at our baseball news page.

Baseball Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I bet on baseball?

There are many brick and mortar sportsbooks across America you can walk into and place a bet on baseball these days, and many more soon to come. But you can bet on baseball from home, or at work (shhh…) if you place your bets through the BetUS sportsbook. 

Can you legally bet on MLB?

Betting on baseball is legal in many states across America, and the list of jurisdictions who are legalizing sports betting is growing fast. Legal Sports Report breaks down every sports betting law and pending legislation in every state. Click the link to find out all about the baseball betting laws in your state.

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