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When Will The First MLB Game Be Played?

MLB games have been shut due to coronavirus pandemic and there is no firm start date in sight. Leaders of the major sports in the United States are all trying to develop a plan to either finish their seasons or get them started. Major League Baseball was just a few weeks away from kicking off their season when the pandemic hit, and they are hoping to be one of the first sports to begin play.

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When Will the First MLB Game Be Played?

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League sources have indicated that Major League Baseball is currently looking at two different options to begin play. Major League Baseball has not publicly confirmed or denied these two plans, but they have been floated around. Let’s take a look at each plan, in hopes of giving you a solid idea of which way to bet.

MLB Plan 1: Begin Games on 4th of July

The first plan that was initially floated around by Major League Baseball was to have Opening Day take place on July 4. The Fourth of July is always an important day for baseball, and this day seems to make some sense. President Trump has stated many times that he hopes things return to normal by June 1, and this would give the league time to get things in place to begin a month later.

Major League Baseball has acknowledged that an abbreviated “Spring Training” session would have to take place before games could begin, and this would give the league time. If July 4 was the opening day for the 2020 MLB season, then there is a chance that all teams could play 100 games.

Several states have declared that no fans will be allowed in the stands until health officials give clearance. MLB wants to play games with fans, and this could give everything an extra month to return to normalcy. There are still plenty of questions to be answered, but a July 4 start date seems like a sound bet.

MLB Plan 2: Season begins in May

Earlier this week, sources indicated that Major League Baseball is considering playing games in May. This plan might seem a little far-fetched, and it would require some unique circumstances that most players don’t seem too happy about.

This plan would require that all players and team personnel isolate in Arizona before they could begin training. Major League Baseball would have to gain access to appropriate testing in an effort to keep all players safe. All of the games would take place in empty stadiums in the Phoenix area, and the league has discussed playing 7 inning double headers in an effort to get in close to 162 regular-season games. This plan has been gaining a ton of traction over the last few days, but it just seems too difficult to pull off.

The Pick: Even though June seems like a much better option than May, Major League Baseball will likely be forced to wait until July to start their season. Opening Day on July 4 seems like a logical choice.

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