NASCAR Wagering Tips  

NASCAR is a sport, like any other, and should be treated as such by handicappers. Success in NASCAR revolves tremendously around time and speeds, which makes for an abundance of numbers to be crunched for the serious bettor.

Each track varies in size and configuration. Before making your selection look at driver's success, or lack thereof, at specific tracks. Some drivers thrive on certain tracks while others struggle. This is extremely valuable information.

The field is set according to qualifying results for every race. The sport's popularity has encouraged many stations to televise this event. Whenever possible, watch the qualifying, because the commentators offer good insight. Also, pay close attention to interviews with the drivers. It will often reveal how drivers feel about their chances on race day.

Following practice sessions is also recommended. Qualifying will give you a general idea of a car's strength, but they're sent to the track set up for short runs to earn a fast lap. When practicing, the cars are more fashioned to race trim. This will be a much stronger indicator of a car's strength versus qualifying.

In all, do your homework and stay abreast of all the happenings as you should in any sport. Knowledge is power and in this business you can never have enough. So take advantage of the many NASCAR resources online and odds are you'll find Victory Lane.

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