2020 NFL Draft Betting Preview

With COVID-19 sweeping the world, sports fans around the globe have been feeling the drought. The 2020 NFL Draft will be the first major sporting event to take place since sports came to a crashing hault a few weeks ago.

While the NFL Draft -- or any other draft for that matter -- isn't generally a big betting event, players are flocking to get a piece of the action this year. Sure, the fact that it's the only big game in town is a big reason, but it's not the only reason.

The 2020 NFL Draft will see several big name college players make the leap to the pros. There are many storylines about to play out when Round 1 begins on April 23rd. Will Joe Burrow go to Cincinnati? Will Tua's injury cause his stock to drop? Will Washington take Chase Young with the #2 pick?

Let's take a look at some of the futures bets that you can find in the BetUS Sportsbook and try to answer some of those questions.

Odds To Be The #1 Overall Pick
Joe Burrow -5000

The level of dominance Joe Burrow displayed at LSU was historic. Burrow set some amazing records in his 2019 season while looking flawless. There's no passing up on a quarterback that played arguably the best single season in college football history.

The only question is will any team throw the house at Cincinnati to try to coerce them out of the #1 pick.

Joe Burrow is a no-brainer at #1.

Odds To Be The #2 Overall Pick
Chase Young -1000

Washington is scheduled to pick second in the draft. Considering they drafted Dwayne Haskins with the #15 pick in last year's draft and started him seven times last season, the Redskins won't be picking one of the many enticing quarterbacks at #2.

Chase Young is the best defensive player in the draft. He's the clear #2, arguably #1 pick on the board. Unless your name is Joe Burrow, you're not getting off the board before Chase Young.

2nd Quarterback Drafted
Tua Tagovailoa -120 / Justin Herbert -120

The Miami Dolphins at #5 are in desperate need of a quarterback. They'll get one here.

Justin Herbert had a spectacular career at Oregon. He played four solid yers of football, improving every year. Herbert capped off his senior year with a 28-27 win over #8 Wisconsin at the Rose Bowl Game. He passed for 3,471 yards, 32 touchdowns and a 156.8 passer rating in his final season.

The NFL has been long awaiting the arrival of Tua Tagovailoa. There was plenty of buzz for Tua to make the jump after the 2018 season, but he decided to stay at Alabama for another year. That decision may have cost him. At the least, it's created uncertainty for some teams.

Tua's durability has become a question mark for some. Still, Tua has shown enough on the field to warrant a serious look for any team needing a quarterback. I'm willing to bet that team is Miami. If that happens, Herbert will go to the Chargers with the very next pick.

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