Super Bowl Props

It's time to start preparing your bets for Super Bowl 54, and we don't mean bets on the actual game. Prop betting is one of the most popular forms of betting when it comes to the Super Bowl, and there are plenty of terrific options available at BetUS. Let's take a look at some of the most popular prop betting options and share some picks.

Coin Toss:

There are a number of prop bets available on the coin toss, but the odds have not been released. The most popular bet is whether or not the coin will land on heads or tails, but there are other options to choose from.

First Offensive Play of the Game:

Run                                           -160
Pass                                         +130

This bet will be extremely interesting, because it will likely depend on which teams possesses the ball first. Kansas City doesn't run the ball a ton, and the San Francisco 49ers run the ball on every play. Since the odds are better for taking the "Pass" option, that is the best side to pick with this prop bet.

Demi Lovato Length of US Anthem:

Over 2 Minutes, 1 Second            -150
Under 2 Minutes, 1 Second         +120

Lovato has a big voice, and she is going to want to showcase it on the biggest stage. This prop bet is usually close every year, but let's take the over with this bet.

Will the Game Go to Overtime:

Yes                                           +800
No                                            -1800

There have only been a handful of cases where the Super Bowl has gone into overtime, but this matchup definitely looks like it could be another. These are two evenly matched teams, but we are going to say that it ends in regulation.

Team to Score First

San Francisco 49ers                     -110
Kansas City Chiefs                       -120

The Chiefs have been getting off to slow starts in the playoffs, so it might be wise to take the San Francisco 49ers with this bet.

First Score of the Game Will Be:

Touchdown                                  -200
Field Goal                                   +130
Any Other Score                        +3500

Taking a touchdown to be scored first seems like the obvious choice, but it doesn't pay out very well. Take a risk and bet on a Field Goal at +130 to be the first scoring play of the game.

Team to Score Last:

San Francisco 49ers                      -115
Kansas City Chiefs                        -115

This one can be tricky, and it really just depends on how you feel the game is going to go. We feel it is going to be a close Kansas City Chiefs victory, and so we will make a bet on them with this pick. Not a great payout either way, but definitely a bet that is worth making.

Will There Be a Safety Scored:

Yes                                              +700
No                                              -1400

Safeties are extremely unusual, especially in the Super Bowl. There is no reason to bet on "No" because it won't net you a big payout. If you are feeling risky then it might be worth it to bet on "Yes" and root for the rare safety.