The Saga Continues: Antonio Brown

The Antonio Brown era in Oakland is over before it even started.

It seemed like just a few short weeks ago, Antonio Brown was happy. He forced a trade out of Pittsburgh, where he felt underappreciated and underpaid. He signed a new contract with the Oakland Raiders that guaranteed him $30 million he didn't have before. He was going to play in an emerging franchise with an offensive-minded coach, for a team that is headed to Las Vegas. Life was peachy.

Then, it just happened. Antonio Brown dominated the NFL headlines literally all offseason. The last 48 hours, especially, have been a whirlwind. Let's take a quick trip down memory lane in what has been the story of AB.

January 2017

The Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional playoffs. Antonio Brown had a productive game, catching six passes for 108 yards.

Brown would then live stream the Steelers' locker room celebration and a speech from Mike Tomlin that was not meant for outside consumption. This was a direct violation of league policy. The infraction would cost AB $10,000, however he had actually been paid almost $250k by Facebook for content.

December 2018

Towards the conclusion of what had been a contentious season in Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown got in a heated encounter with Ben Roethlisberger. The two had a shouting match which ended with Brown throwing a ball at Big Ben.

Following the encounter, Antonio Brown missed the following practices leading up to the Week 17 game. Brown was subsequently suspended for the final game of the season. He would kiss Pittsburgh goodbye.

March 2019

It became clear that the relationship between Antonio Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers was irreparable. Brown challenged the Steelers and semi-threatened retirement, significantly lowering his trade value.

The Steelers would eventually trade Brown to Oakland for a 2019 third-round and fifth-round pick. Brown would go on to sign a three-year $50 million contract with $30 million in guaranteed money.

May 2019
The helmet.

Antonio Brown was no longer allowed to wear the helmet he had worn for the last 10 years. This would not go over well with the star receiver. The helmet was a major concern for Brown, one that would linger. Brown caused several tiffs with coaches over the issue. At one point, he painted his old helmet to make it look like an approved helmet.

July/August 2019

The helmet issues would continue.

Brown also also appeared at camp with frostbitten feet. He was placed on the Non-Football Injury list. Brown suffered frostbite after wearing the wrong footwear when he entered a cryotherapy machine.

That wasn't all, Brown threatened to never play for the Raiders if he wasn't allowed to wear his helmet. He filed a grievance with the NFL.

September 2019

Antonio Brown finds a helmet! The embattled receiver finally found a helmet he could live with. This is great news for the Oakland Raiders organization. That feeling wouldn't last.

On September 4th, Antonio Brown posted to social media a letter detailing $53k in fines he received for missing an August walk-through and training camp. He added the caption "When your own team wants to hate…".

Brown confronted GM Mike Mayock after receiving the letter. He reportedly cursed at the GM and threatened to hit him in the face.

The confrontation led to Oakland's intentions to suspend Brown for the first game of the regular season due to "conduct detrimental to the team". Doing so would allow the Raiders to go after Brown's guaranteed money.

After apologizing to the team, Brown was a go for Week 1. Later that night, Brown shared a recorded phone call with Jon Gruden on social media. Gruden brushed it off and said he had no problem with the leak.

The team would fine Brown, void his guarantees, and cut him in the matter of 24 hours.

Brown was a free agent for a mere hours before signing a one year deal with the New England Patriots for $15 million, including a $9 million signing bonus.

The Pats, who were already, picked up an elite receiver to join an offense that includes Tom Brady, Josh Gordon, Sony Michel, and Julian Edelman.

If you have Tom Brady or Antonio Brown in your fantasy league or for NFL MVP, your situation just drastically improved. If you have the Pats to win the division or Super Bowl, Christmas came early.

Stay tuned because it's unlikely this story is over. Remember, we all thought it was over when he got his $30 million guaranteed.