Next Starting QB For Patriots Odds

Next Starting Quarterback for Patriots Odds

As you know by now - Tom Brady is no longer the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots. Also, as you know by now - the National Football League is on hold through the Corona Virus. Two huge stories going around right now, but the big news story for betting odds - is who will be the next starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. Let's take a look at some of the betting odds to take over the role.

Jarrett Stidham +175

Stidham was the fourth round pick for the Patriots back in 2019. He is the current leader on the depth chart for New England. There is no way Bill Bellichick is going to let Stidham take over the regins, is he? Josh McDaniels, the Patriots offensive coordinator has said on several occasions that he really likes Stidham and his mindset. IT would be interesting to see betting odds for the Patriots if he was named the starting quarterback.

Cam Newton +200

Probably the most talented of the options here, but certainly a ton of risk with this option. The Carolina Panthers have said they are done with Newton as their starting quarterback, and now the question is - where will he head to next? Newton has made 124 starts as a starting quarterback, but just 2 last season. Cam needs just 18 touchdowns to reach 200 in his career via the air, while he also has rushed for 58 in his career.

Andy Dalton +375

The redhead from the Bengals? That guy? As the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots? Well, crazier things have been done. Would Dalton thrive in the offense that the Patriots trot out there? One thing is for certain - Dalton needs out of Cincinnati. A change of scene could be great for him, but would it be great for the Patriots? While he is third on the list of betting odds, the Patriots have mentioned as of now they are not in discussions with Dalton.

Jameis Winston +700

Just swap quarterbacks? Tom Brady for Jameis Winston? That would certainly be interesting for both the Patriots and the Buccaneers. Winston certainly has problems with throwing the interception, but in a pass happy offense, this guy would put up monster numbers. Not sure that New England is the spot for that. They do not appreciate turning the ball over. Winston is not getting a ton of love early in free agency, but he will be on a team sooner rather than later.

Derek Carr +1200

Finally, Derek Carr. The Raiders have moved on and went with Marcus Mariota as their starting quarterback. That will be interesting for head coach Jon Gruden and the Raiders. Now, where does Carr fit into the NFL equation?

So, who is it going to be? There are some of the names involved. It will be interesting to see what the Patriots do. No Tom Brady? No problem? We will find out. Good luck if you are betting on the odds to become the next New England Patriots starting quarterback!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Odds after Free Agency Week 1

It's been quite a week for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jameis Winston is no longer the starting quarterback for Tampa Bay, and instead - Tom Brady has signed and is ready to start the season in the NFC South. The NFL is also on hold for new, with the Corona Virus, but free agency continues to go crazy. Let's take a look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Odds after Free Agency Week 1 action:

2020 Betting Odds

A season ago, the Buccaneers were 7-9. After the Super Bowl, you could grab the Buccaneers are +6000 odds to win the following season. Then, Tom Brady signed with the team. The soon to be 43 year old caused the odds to jump big time. Now, the Buccaneers head into the end of March with betting odds at +1600.

The Buccaneers won 7.5 games a season ago, as we said, and the odds for the 2020 season started at 7.5. Now, the Buccaneers with the edition of a guy that has won 6 Super Bowl titles has pushed them to 9 wins.

What to Like

Tampa Bay has not been to the postseason since the 2007 season. But, now there are plenty of things to like for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers heading into the 2020 season. Bruce Arians is a tremendous coach, and has been there and done that before when it comes to getting a team to the Super Bowl.

Jameis Winston was a turnover machine in 2019 for Tampa Bay, and now the offense is turning to a guy that very rarely turns the football over.  Last season, Winston threw an amazing 30 interceptions. Keep in mind - the NFL plays 16 games in a season. Along with that, Chris Godwin is still absolute stud receiver, and oh yeah - Mike Evans is still in the house.

Finally - the NFC South is a place that the Buccaneers can win. The New Orleans Saints, of course, have been a model of consistency more than not. They are the divisional favorites, but they are a team with plenty of question marks. The Carolina Panthers are moving on without Cam Newton and the Atlanta Falcons got to figure out a way to play defense. In a division that is winnable, the Buccaneers have a chance of getting to the dance. Plus - the Buccaneers will get a chance to play a last place schedule in 2020.

There you have it. Those are the odds for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the opening week of free agency. There are tons more moves to be made, whether they are by the Buccaneers or one of their closest rivals. Check back as the season crawls closer, and find out the latest updated betting odds for the 2020 Buccaneers!