Sunday‌ ‌Night‌ ‌Football‌ ‌Betting‌ ‌Preview:‌ ‌New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans ‌-‌ ‌Week‌ 13

New England Patriots (10-1) vs. Houston Texans (7-4)
Sunday, December 1st - 8:20 PM ET - NRG Stadium, Houston, TX
Betting Line: New England -3, Total 44.5

The Patriots D heads to Houston to take on the dynamic and explosive Deshaun Watson and his Houston Texans this Sunday night on prime time. New England goes into the game 10-2 and on a two-game winning streak. Houston is 7-4 and coming off an important win over a dangerous divisional opponent.

I've challenged New England to show me they're as good as everyone says they are for weeks. They have a 10-2 record, but have faced the easiest schedule in the NFL. The few times they've been tested, the Patriots have not looked amazing.

They struggled against Buffalo where they won 16-10; they barely beat an Eagles team has struggled all season 17-10; they edged out Dallas 13-9; and they lost badly to the Ravens 37-20.

These are the 2019 New England Patriots. They stomp poor teams and play to the level of better opposition. Nonetheless, they're 10-1.

The New England offense has floundered all season. Brady is getting pressured like never before. He's winning games, but I'd put that more on the defense. It's easier to put up points when your opponent is turning the ball over every game. Field position matters, folks.

This is a difficult game to pick.

On the one hand, we have New England and their sturdy defense. They reach the backfield, disrupt offenses, and force turnovers.

On the other hand, we have Deshaun Watson, a mobile quarterback that can throw the ball deep and accurately. Look what Lamar Jackson did to the Patriots in Week 9.

My concern with Watson is that he gets sacked way too much. When that happens, the Texans more often than not lose.

Watson has faced Bill Belichick two times in his young career. He's 0-2 with 477 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. He's been sacked five times and has completed just 58% of his passes.

Quarterbacks don't play Bill Belichick and get better. Belichick gets more prepared. That's why Watson's numbers in game two were much worse than their first meeting.

I'm not sold on the Patriots winning it all this season, but I am sold on them beating the Texans by more than three points on Sunday night.