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Free NFL Expert Picks

BetUS is America's Favorite Online Sportsbook for betting on the NFL and other sports. We have all the information you need to analyze weekly NFL matchups and pick winners. Whether you are interested in point spreads, over/under game totals, moneyline picks, prop bets, futures, or any other NFL-related wagers, you will benefit from our experts’ insight. We have all the latest NFL news including injury updates and betting odds, all of which are accessible with a click.

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NFL Expert Picks and Predictions

There is no sense crunching all the numbers and attempting to process the absolute avalanche of information on your own when our team is here to lend invaluable assistance. Rely on our team for guidance and we will help you make the right bets. Our team of sports betting gurus provides NFL predictions throughout the entirety of the season including the playoffs. In short, if you are planning on betting on any NFL game, you should spend a little bit of time reviewing our insight into every matchup. Consider our take on the games, check out all the latest data about injuries conveniently available through BetUS and you will be able to make a truly educated wager that is fully informed and stands a better chance of making you a bundle of money.

The Information Edge

We live in the information age. The quality of your information combined with its timeliness really does have the potential to make the difference between winning tens of thousands of dollars and losing your wager. Furthermore, the type of wager you place also plays a vitally important role in your gambling success or lack thereof. Our team of NFL lines specialists is here to help you choose the optimal type of wager, be it a prop bet, a future, parlay, teaser, point total, point spread, or moneyline. If you have any questions about what each type of bet means, our online sports betting team is here to help.

Above all, you need the latest NFL odds and the most accurate information. We provide a steady stream of information on injuries, game conditions, and other nuances of NFL games to ensure you have all the data necessary to pick winners and add to your bankroll. The best part is our information is quick, accurate, and honest. This is the edge you need to place wagers in full confidence.

BetUS Provides Certainty During an Uncertain NFL Season

The 2020-2021 NFL regular season is scheduled to be played to completion even though the coronavirus lurks. This will undoubtedly be a highly unique season that goes down in history as a truly incredible accomplishment. You have the chance to be a part of this unique feat by placing winning wagers on NFL action. Let our team of NFL picks experts arm you with the information you need to make the right wagers and you will be that much closer to making money while watching football from the comfort of your living room couch.

NFL Picks Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does betting on NFL games work?

A. There are many ways to bet on NFL games, but three are easily the most widespread: point spreads, single game and totals. Each type of wager will have varying lines, depending on the game. You pick the side you like, risk what you feel comfortable with money-wise with a sportsbook and have them place toys wager. If you win, you get your risk amount plus win amount back as a payout.

Q. How do NFL betting lines work?

A. The main NFL betting lines are point spreads, moneylines and totals (or Over/Unders). Point spreads pre-set the number of points a favorite has to win by, or an underdog remain within range of. A moneyline is simply a bet on who will win. Totals can be Over/Under the total points scored in a game, or they can be based on each team’s total points scored.

Q. How do you read a point spread?

A. If a point spread betting number has a PLUS (+) sign, that team is the underdog. If the number is a MINUS (-) sign, that team is the favorite.

Q. Why would you bet on negative odds?

A. Negative odds merely indicate the favorite in a game. In a point spread, it means that the team must win by more than that number of points. In a moneyline, it indicated the amount you must wager in order to win $100.

Q. What is a moneyline in sports betting?

A. A moneyline indicates both the favorite and underdogs in a matchup, and the payout amount. If the moneyline is negative, it means you must wager that amount to win $100. If the moneyline is positive, it means you win that amount with a wager of $100.

Q. Where can I find free NFL expert picks?

A. You can find free NFL expert picks right here at BetUS in our Locker Room in the NFL section. We handicap every single game from multiple perspectives.


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