Soccer Betting Guide  

If you want to beat the bookies when betting on soccer then you need to get on the basics of soccer betting. Soccer betting success is all about knowing how to bet. Here are some key factors to consider before placing a soccer wager. Find the current Soccer Odds here.

1. Team Form
Taking some time to look at the recent form of a team can go a long way to making a good soccer pick. If available, look at match reports for recent games. If match statistics shown are good for one team and poorer for the other but the better team lost then the loss was obviously not because of bad play per se but perhaps the hand of luck or a better goalkeeping day for the winning side.

2. Team News
Team news is always important, as here you will find out which players are benched or suspended. The loss of a key player can have a serious effect on the outcome of a match. You will want to know how good the reserve players are in such cases. In addition, you will want to keep an eye-out for long term injuries and players coming back from injuries. Long-term injuries or new injuries since the last match can spell doom for some teams especially those that build around one or two key players. Returning players will not be in the best match playing form.

3. Team Motivation
Motivation of a team goes a long way to producing results. When betting on soccer you will want to check the standing of the team whether on the domestic or international front. Do they need points? Where do they lie in the standings? What are their interests – do they put emphasis on the domestic cup or are they focused on international success. Is the upcoming match important to them?

4. Player Motivation
Player motivation—particular a big name – is hugely important but perhaps one of the most difficult things to measure when handicapping soccer. However, some indicators can be useful. Media is a great source of gossip. Soccer players, coaches and clubs in general will garner the attention of their local/domestic media. Conflicts within a team, whether between players or a coach and a (or some) player (s) can be indicative of where a player’s motivation lies with respect to performance. Trade rumours, a player unhappy with his current assignment, a major disagreement with coaching tactics or any manner of internal strife can be a sign of trouble for a team.

5. Schedule
Team schedules vary. Some months are busier than others are, particularly when domestic cup competition coincides with qualification for international competitions. When the two collide, teams may face more time on the pitch. Checking to see when the team last played. How much they have played can be a good sign whether they are in terms of playing form or how tired they are.

6. Head-to-Head Records
Looking at head-to-head statistics is perhaps the most common tool in handicapping any sport. Checking the history between two soccer clubs is a good benchmark when making soccer picks. Also, compare home and away records between them and if they share an extraordinarily competitive history. Recent humiliating outings and crushing losses can be great motivators for revenge on the pitch particularly when there is the added plot twist of a deep and longstanding rivalry. It can work in reverse by giving a team confidence in replicating a winning performance.

7. Home and Away Records
Some teams play better at home while others play better away. The lucky few – or typically known as powerhouses – play rather well under most circumstances. Statistics for home and away matches are suggestive of where the team’s chances will lie. (In some instances in European soccer, teams share a stadium so you will want to keep an eye out for that as well.)

Soccer Lines & Wager Types

Example of a Soccer line: Manchester United -150 Chelsea +400 Draw +250

In this example, if you wager on Manchester United, you will risk $15.00 to win $10.00. If you bet on Chelsea, you would win $40.00 for every $10.00 you risked if your team wins. If you lay your money down on the draw, then you stand to win $25.00 for every $10.00 risked.

Another example of a Soccer line: Liverpool +135 Chelsea +185 Draw + 220

The above example is a money line you would never see in baseball or hockey--both teams are underdogs. The reason for this is the strong possibility of a tie match.

Other Soccer betting options:

It is no secret that when North Americans bet on the NFL, their preferred method of betting is on the spread and the over/under. Well it may please you to know that bookies offer spreads and over/under odds on soccer as well.

On many soccer matches, bookies will offer total (over/under) odds, so that a bettor can wager over or under a certain number of goals scored in a match. Typically, the number for these types of bets is 2.5. Therefore, a bettor betting on the over would need three goals to be scored to win his bet, while a bettor betting on the under could have no more than two goals scored in a match to win his bet.