UEFA Champions League: Dortmund vs. PSG Betting Pick and Preview

The UEFA Champions League is off to a fast start, and there have been some surprises throughout the league through the first handful of games. PSG is one of those clubs that has been a pleasant surprise this season, and they are looking to keep up the momentum in this match against Dortmund. Dortmund has fared well through six games, but they need some more victories.

PSG has played six UEFA Champions League matches this season, and they have fared very well. PSG has five wins and one draw so far through the first six games, and they have been dominant in those matches. Dortmund has three wins, two losses and one draw so far in their first six matches. Dortmund has been in a ton of close matches, and are battle tested.

PSG Just Doesn't Allow Goals

Most people might look at PSG and think that their strength is on the offensive side of the pitch, but they have dominated teams on defense. PSG has allowed just two goals so far through six Champions League matches, and that is against some great competition. PSG isn't afraid to take some chances when they control the ball, but they are also quick to regroup and make things hard on their opponent.

On the offensive side of things, PSG is averaging close to 3 goals per game, and they have gotten great contributions from several members of this team. Mauro Icardi leads the team with six points and five goals for PSG, but he has had plenty of help so far this season. PSG has eight different players with a goal in Champions League play, and they can score in a hurry.

Dortmund Familiar With Close Games

Dortmund is a hard team to figure out, and their results echo that sentiment. They have scored just eight goals through the first six matches, but have given up just eight goals as well. Dortmund has been terrific in controlling the ball this season, but they don't really do much when they have it. Dortmund can't afford to get into a fast-paced game with PSG.

Dortmund has just three players with a goal so far in Champions League play, and that has to be a concern moving forward. Achraf Hakimi leads the team with four goals so far, and he has also assisted on two other goals. Jadon Sancho and Julian Brandt have each scored a pair of goals to support Hakimi.

PSG Just Too Dominant

Dortmund has been in a ton of close matches this season, and they have been able to come up with just enough goals to be on top more times than not. Dortmund is going to have to find a way to control the ball in this game, and keep the ball on their end of the pitch. PSG wants to play an aggressive style, and that has worked well for them all season long. PSG can really score, and they are going to break this game open with their relentless offense.

Bet PSG over Dortmund in this UEFA Champions League match on February 18, 2020.