Tennis Betting Guide  

So you know how to bet on NFL football, wager on NBA games and check UFC odds. But do you know your tennis betting facts? It goes WAY beyond picking Federer each week. In addition to Men's Tennis betting and WTA odds and lines, BetUS has your Tennis Betting Tips and information all in order.

Tennis Betting TIP 1: Getting To Know Players
Knowing the players is important when betting on Tennis. However, knowing just the TOP 10 – 20 players is not enough. Top players are well known, and therefore, typically offer little value on the betting line. It is the rest of the playing field – the lesser-known players – that offer value in terms of better tennis odds. Getting to know the players outside of the top few will go a long way in improving your tennis handicapping success ratio.

Tennis Betting TIP 2: Surface
There are four different playing surfaces: hard, clay, grass and carpet. Some players are great on one surface, but struggle on others. Some players are great on more than one surface. Some players can play well on each surface. Each player has strengths and weaknesses, and each player’s game and style of play changes with respect to surface. Therefore, when betting on individual match ups in tennis, it is important to understand how well a player plays on a surface.

Tennis Betting TIP 3: Player Statistics
In tennis, players are ranked according to their performance in a calendar season. Knowing a players recent performance, playing activity (win/loss record) and rankings is vital.

Tennis Betting TIP 4: Playing Form
A players current form is important when handicapping tennis. You need to know not only how well or badly a player has been performing lately, but his or her mental state. In tennis, the mental facet is huge. Recent letdowns, upsets or satisfactory victories can have far reaching consequences on a player’s upcoming match up.

Tennis Betting TIP 5: Injuries/Fatigue
Injuries and fatigue can also affect the outcome of a tennis match. When handicapping a tennis match, knowing whether a player is injured or fatigued can go a long way in making tennis picks. Good indicators are if a player recently withdrew from a tournament, missed several back-to-back tournaments, or has been absent from tournament activity for a long period.