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Get the BEST UFC Betting Odds Punch up the excitement with UFC betting! The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is a mixed martial arts competition. Mixed martial arts or MMA is a type of fighting style that has become wildly popular especially for fans who want to place a UFC bet. One of the highlights of the UFC is the combination of fighting styles that can be used. At the beginning of the UFC’s history, it was considered to be ‘barbaric’ but today the UFC is extremely popular and well received. As the popularity of the UFC increased, BetUS began offering online UFC betting with increasing alacrity. In total, about 150 UFC fixtures are held each year which gives fans ample opportunity to place UFC bets.

UFC Betting News & Picks

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UFC History

Started in the early 1990's, the premise behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship was to create a tournament to find the world's best fighter. Regardless of where they were from, or what discipline they employed.

The inaugural event took place in 1993, with a myriad of martial arts disciplines pitted against each other in a no holds barred elimination tournament. With the eventual victor having to fight many times against different opponents in the same night.

The first event was a considerable success, but with the instant notoriety of the organization also came the scrutiny of people that felt that the spectacle was too brutal for public viewing. It was tagged as 'human cockfighting' and states began banning the events and mainstream pay per view companies refused to air the broadcasts.

Slowly the UFC began changing the way matches were run in order to become more digestible to its critics. The 'no rules' tag was dropped from the marketing and they began instituting strict regulations. It evolved to add weight classes, time limits and helped align themselves with sanctioning organizations.

Since then, the UFC has fought hard to establish itself as a legitimate sporting event. When it was purchased from the brink of bankruptcy in 2001, it secured sanctioning with the Nevada State Athletics Commission and began marketing itself to a more mainstream audience. With the success of the new reality show The Ultimate Fighter, and the alignment of their interests with corporate sponsors, the UFC is making a booming comeback and its popularity is skyrocketing. is staying right on top of the public interest and its mixed martial arts experts keep right on pace with the best predictions, analysis and news in the business!

If you're reading this, you probably know that the UFC is a huge deal now - with a massive amount of UFC odds.

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