XFL Season Overview & Week 3 Schedule

Week 1 of the XFL saw very strong ratings. The debut game between Seattle and DC generated 3.3 million average viewers. Those numbers by 1.173 million for the same starting time in Week 2. Despite the dip in viewership, those are strong numbers.

The XFL is doing things differently this time around. They're taking themselves seriously and focusing on the product on the field. They're making a bit of noise on social media with their engaging marketing.

They're not a No. 1 league and it shows. I don't think they're trying to be. The talent on the field, particularly at quarterback leaves a bit to be desired. The good teams are ok. The bad teams are flat out bad.

Where the XFL suffers most is their lack of star power. It's hard to care about any player on the field. We either don't know much about them or last heard about them when they flopped out of the NFL or left college football years ago.

NFL football is a weekly holiday. Sundays are reserved for NFL football. Monday nights are reserved for NFL football. That's not happening for the XFL. I don't see myself or many people cancelling plans or going out of their way to watch the XFL. Football fans already dedicate a lot of time to football.

This is where we, the betting community comes in. Sports bettors love betting on football. The XFL knows this and would be wise to lean into it. The fact that they display the game total on the gameboard during broadcasts is awesome.

The XFL season is scheduled at the right time, though, ratings may suffer when March Madness comes around. February is a deadspot for sports betting. Picking up when the NFL ends serves as a holdover until March.

To call football a niche sounds wild, but that's exactly what the XFL is. NFL football and football are not the same thing.

Heading into Week 3, the DC Defenders lead the XFL East with a 2-0 record. They hold a +4 touchdown differential. The Tampa Bay Vipers have scored one touchdown in two games. They're in the XFL East basement.

In the West, Houston leads with a 2-0 record and a +3 touchdown differential. LA sits in fourth place with an 0-2 record and -4 touchdown differential like Tampa Bay.

Here's the Week 3 schedule:

Houston Roughnecks (-6) vs. Tampa Bay Vipers - 2:00pm ET
Dallas Renegages (-5) vs. Seattle Dragons - 5:00pm ET

New York Guardians vs. St. Louis Battlehawks (-10) - 3:00pm ET
DC Defenders (8.5) vs. Los Angeles Wildcats - 6:00pm ET

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