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College World Series

Wed, Jun 01, 2022 EST

Rot Odds to win 2022 College World Series Moneyline
1 Texas     +2200
2 Vanderbilt     +2200
3 Arkansas     +1200
4 Mississippi State     +15000
5 LSU     +3000
6 Oklahoma State     +1200
9 Notre Dame     +2500
10 Stanford     +2200
11 NC State     +4000
12 Florida     +7000
13 Ole Miss     +6600
14 Arizona     +2800
15 Florida State     +2500
16 Texas Tech     +2000
17 Tennessee     +300
18 TCU     +4500
19 Oregon State     +750
20 East Carolina     +10000
21 UC Irvine     +10000
22 Louisiana Tech     +6600
23 Georgia Tech     +4000
24 UCLA     +4000
25 Georgia     +2800
26 Miami     +2000
27 Virginia     +2200
28 Duke     +15000
29 Long Beach State     +20000
30 Southern Mississippi     +7000
31 North Carolina     +4000
32 South Carolina     +10000
36 Oregon     +4500
37 Old Dominion     +8000
38 Nebraska     +15000
39 Baylor     +15000
40 UNLV     +15000
42 Michigan     +10000
43 Campbell     +15000
44 Oklahoma     +10000
45 Louisville     +3000
46 Gonzaga     +5000
47 Alabama     +10000
48 UC Santa Barbara     +5500
49 Virginia Tech     +2500
53 Liberty     +7500
54 South Alabama     +8000
55 California     +15000
56 Charlotte     +15000
57 Auburn     +3000
60 Arizona State     +15000
61 Tulane     +10000
64 Connecticut     +8000
72 Maryland     +7000
85 Dallas Baptist     +7000
86 Texas A&M     +4000
All wagers have action.

College Baseball World Series


The College Baseball World Series (CWS) is one of the most popular sporting events in the United States. This is an event that usually takes place in the middle of June, and a national champion is crowned at the conclusion of the event.

The first College World Series was played all the way back in 1947, but this event has grown into something much bigger than just a baseball tournament.

There are 64 teams that get to compete in the NCAA baseball tournament, but just 8 teams advance to Omaha for the College Baseball World Series.

After there are just eight teams remaining in the NCAA Tournament then the College World Series is set. There are two pools of four teams at the CWS and this is a double-elimination style tournament.

As soon as each pool is down to just one team, the remaining two teams will then compete in a three-game series. This three-game series is similar to the World Series, and the betting is going to look nearly exactly the same.

Betting on college baseball is still not extremely popular, but that begins to change once there are just eight teams left in the College World Series.

This is the time of year when you will find plenty of betting odds available, and there will be plenty of betting options as well.

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and the College Football Playoffs are the most popular betting options at this level, but the final few baseball games of the year will draw plenty of options to bet on baseball.

There are a number of betting strategies to use when betting on the college world series, but doing plenty of research is at the top of the list. That’s the only way that you will ever have success when betting on college baseball at any level, regardless of when those games are being played.

Since the College World Series is such a big and popular event, you are also going to see plenty of prop betting options available as well.

These prop betting options not only provide some additional ways to win money but also add some excitement to the betting on these events.

How to Bet on the College Baseball World Series

Betting on the College World Series can actually be pretty simple, but you are going to have plenty of betting options and baseball odds to choose from.

Most of the betting options are going to resemble typical wagering options and that should make things a bit easier for you to understand.

When you are looking to bet on the College World Series, you will be able to bet on each individual game or you can also bet on the entire event. There will also be prop betting options for both as well, and plenty of good betting opportunities available.

The easiest way to look at how to bet on the College Baseball World Series is to look at an example of each type of wager. When we are looking at specific teams, we will use the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Futures Betting

Futures betting on the College World Series actually starts well before teams even start to play their way to Omaha. You can make a wager on the eventual World Series champion almost as soon as the previous season is over, and those odds will continue to update throughout the year.

This type of futures betting will really start to heat up after the field of eight has been set. Having just eight options to choose from is usually an advantage to the bettor, and there will still be some terrific odds.

Futures betting is popular with every single sport, but especially with a sport that has a tournament to decide the winner. Baseball lines for futures betting will look exactly the same as they do for any other sport.


The next three bets that we will look at will all focus on betting on each individual game of the College World Series. All of these bets are available all season long, and we will look at a moneyline wager first.

A moneyline bet is extremely popular when it comes to baseball, and this is also a bet that is pretty simple to make. All you have to do is pick the winning team in a matchup and different odds are available for each opponent.

Let’s say that the Mississippi Bulldogs are the betting favorites at -145 and the Vanderbilt Commodores are the underdogs at +165. A $145 bet on the Bulldogs would pay out $100, while a $100 wager on the Commodores would net a return of $165.


Another popular bet to make on each CWS game is what is known as a totals bet or an “over/under.” This type of wager has nothing to do with the winning team at all, but instead focuses on the total number of runs scored.

The reason that this bet is pretty popular when it comes to baseball, in general, is that the games are typically pretty low-scoring. An over/under wager will be offered in other sports, but those can be a bit difficult to predict.

If the over/under for a game between Mississippi St. and Vanderbilt is set at 8.5 runs then the teams would have to combine for at least nine runs for the over to hit. A final score of eight runs or less would mean that the under hits.

Run Line

If you are looking to step up your game from simply placing a moneyline bet then you might want to look at betting the run line. When it comes to college baseball or the College World Series, the run line is typically going to be set at -1.5 for each game.

Using the same example as before, Mississippi State would now have to win the game by at least two runs for them to be the correct pick. You are also going to get a better payout when betting on the Bulldogs since they are covering a spread.

Vanderbilt just has to keep the final score within one run for them to be the correct pick. Betting on the Commodores would come with a lesser payout in this situation.

Final Series

If you are not looking to bet on each individual game of the College World Series then there are still going to be other options. The biggest event of the entire CWS is the final three-game series, and this will come with plenty of betting options.

Wagering on each individual game will be available, but you can also make a pick on the eventual champion. Betting on the number of games that will be played in the series is another betting option that will be available.

These “final series” betting options are going to be different every year, but they will come with some great opportunities.

Prop Bets

Prop betting at the College World Series is also going to be extremely common, especially since this is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. This form of betting used to be reserved solely for big events or games, but now is common throughout regular seasons.

When it comes to prop betting on the College World Series, there will be two types that you find. The first form of prop betting will focus on team or player stats while the other will focus on unique or specific circumstances in a game.

The odds for prop betting will be different for each specific wager, but you can usually find some value. You are still going to have to do research to win a prop bet, but this is usually a fun and unique way to wager on the College Baseball World Series.

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College Baseball World Series Faqs

BetUS is a great option for any type of sports betting because of the competitive lines and betting odds that you are going to find. There aren’t going to be many online sportsbooks that even offer to bet on the College Baseball World Series, but BetUS will be one that does.

Make sure you take advantage of any and all bonuses and promotions from BetUS Sportsbook before you go ahead and submit the wager.

The first step is to find an online sportsbook that offers baseball betting on this type of event. BetUS has you covered there, and then the next step is to look at the available betting options. College Baseball World Series betting is very similar to betting on the MLB World Series.

There will be a long list of betting options and a long list of odds available for you to choose from. All you have to do is choose the betting option you want, and then determine how much you are wishing to wager.

There are several betting strategies that can work for betting on the College Baseball World Series, but each bettor is going to be a bit different. The best strategy to use is to keep your bets standard, and always look for value in the odds before placing a wager.
The College Baseball World Series odds are going to work as they do for regular-season games or MLB postseason games. There will also be plenty of prop betting options available when it comes to the College World Series.

You will be able to study the odds closely before choosing your stake and submitting a wager.

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