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MLB American League MVP Odds & BEtting Lines


The MLB American League MVP award is one of the more exciting MLB futures you can wager on, as there are two, one award in the American League and one in the National League.

This narrows the pool a bit compared to other sports where there is one overall MVP, but in baseball there’s one per league. 

There is always plenty of speculation of who will win the MLB American League MVP award, and rightfully so. There are so many excellent players in the American League, it can be challenging to just pick one.

The award has a rich history, being awarded since 1931, and is chosen by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. The award recipients are voted on before the postseason begins, yet the winners are not announced until after the World Series takes place.

Therefore, performances in the postseason do not have any influence over the winners of the awards. 

Statistically, the MLB American League MVP awards have gone to many outfielders, although there has been a good mix of positions in past years to showcase all different positions on the field.

Last year, in 2021, Shonhei Ohtani a multi-talented pitcher, designated hitter and outfielder, swept the awards category, taking home the AL MVP, and found himself on the All-Star team as both a hitter and pitcher, as well as taking the Silver Slugger award and the Edgar Martinez award. 

Past MLB AL MVP Awards

2021 – Shonhei Ohtani (RHP/DH)

2020 – Jose Abreu (1B)

2019 – Mike Trout (OF)

2018 – Mookie Betts (OF)

2017 – Jose Altuve (2B)

2016 – Mike Trout (OF)

2015 – Josh Donaldson (3B) 

2014 – Mike Trout (OF)

2013 – Miguel Cabrera (3B)

2012 – Miguel Cabrera (3B)

2011 – Justin Verlander (RHP)


When it comes to betting on the American League MVP, you will want to know a few things before you get started. First, you will want to check the odds board to see if there are early odds on the award recipients.

Usually this will have a list of the top players or contenders in the American League, and they will be ranked from most likely – signified by either a negative number or a positive number in the low hundreds, to least likely, which tends to be represented by a number in the tens of thousands. 

These odds are not set in stone – they will change throughout the season based on player performances.

They are locked in if you place your wager however, so if you bet early on an underdog and they shoot up the odd board throughout the season, you could be looking at some excellent odds.

However, if that player is not doing so hot, you are given the option to cash out your wager, which allows you to cash out at market value, which means you won’t get your full amount back, but you will get a portion based on that player’s odds at the moment. 

Many awards markets in other sports are very specific to position, so making this an award that can be won by any player in the American League can be daunting. You never really know how a player may perform.

There have been some players who have won the award multiple times, and in some cases, like in the 2012-2013 seasons, you have Miguel Cabrera who won back to back awards. 

Keep an eye on this page for the most up to date MLB AL MVP award futures and odds and be sure to check back periodically on your favorite players and bets throughout the season. Be sure to do your research and have some fun with these exciting MLB MVP futures wagers!

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