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Mexico LMB Betting Odds & Lines


The Mexican Baseball League (LMB, for its name in Spanish) is a professional baseball league located in Mexico. It is also the oldest-running professional sports league in the country, with a rich history that began in 1925.

Legend has it that baseball came to Mexico in the mid-1800s during the Mexican-American War. The game then took off once American investors entered Mexican territory and regularly broadcasted the games.

The game hit Mexico City, the nation’s capital, in 1887, when the “Mexican Club,” the oldest team in the republic, was born.

In 1955, the LMB was designated as a double-A league, and some teams entered into development contracts with the National League; in 1967, the league was bumped up to triple-A.

A 2021 reorganization of the minor league stripped the LMB of its triple-A status, and it now operates independently.

The LMB is constituted of 18 teams in two divisions, the North and South— each team plays 114 games in the regular season before a unique postseason begins.

However, seasons during and since the COVID pandemic have been shortened to 66 and 90 games. The season begins in late Spring each year, barring unforeseen circumstances.

The top four teams in each division automatically qualify for the playoffs, but if the fifth-place team in one or both of the divisions finishes within three games of the fourth-place team, then those two squads face each other in a best-of-one to decide who will advance to the real meat of the playoff schedule.

After the Wild Card, if necessary, has been decided, there are two best-of-five series— the winners of that advance to play the Zona Norte and Zona Sur Championship Series, each of a best-of-seven. Finally, the championship is decided in the best-of-seven Serie del Rey.

Although the LMB is not quite at the same level of overwhelming popularity as the MLB, it is an ultra-competitive league that has employed MLB players, past and present, and provides thrilling action perfect for diehard bettors.

The LMB also provides an opportunity for even the truest of sports fans to expand their knowledge and dive into a different baseball league outside of the dominance of the MLB.

Toros de Tijuana won the most recent championship in 2021, defeating Leones de Yucatán in seven games; the extended series was not an aberration either, as four of the last 10 championship rounds have gone the distance, including three of the last four.

As is the case with any league, there are teams with more storied traditions of excellence than others— Diablos Rojos del México headlines this list for the LMB. However, their dominance has not removed parity from the league.

Bettors looking to bet on LMB action can find the usual offerings on gambling markets, including moneylines, spreads, totals, props, and futures, among others.

BetUS is offering LMB betting markets alongside its regular baseball markets, including MLB, college baseball, South Korean KBO, Japanese NPB, and softball.

Here is a little more information on exactly how to bet on the LMB.


The basic concepts of LMB betting are the same when applied to the MLB or most other sports leagues.

The most popular method of wager is moneyline, which is a straight-up prediction on which team is going to win a particular matchup.

Different factors that influence the moneyline, more specifically the odds assigned to each team, are precedent, record, home-field advantage, players, injuries, conditions, and more.

Moneyline will almost always be included in LMB lines, even if other areas, such as prop bets, have not been released, again because of the popularity.

Another extremely popular method of gambling is LMB spreads, which is known as a runline in baseball.

The runline spots 1.5 runs to the underdog team and takes 1.5 away from the favored team, regardless of who is playing, and gives odds on the teams winning or losing within the given amount; if they do, they have done what is known as “covering” the spread, in-turn winning the bet.

For example, if Diablos Rojos del México is -1.5 on the runline against Leones de Yucatán, that means that the former needs to win by at least 1.5 runs to cover the spread and win the bet. If Leones de Yucatán loses by less than 1.5 runs or wins outright, then they have covered the spread and won the bet.

However, bettors only get one chance at picking their bet, so even if the underdog wins a game and the bettor took the underdog’s spread, they do not get the benefit of the boosted odds of the underdog moneyline after the fact.

LMB odds are also available in the form of futures bets, which are long-term predictions on a particular outcome, whether that be a division winner, world series winner, or a playoff series winner.

These are great for bettors looking to maximize their future payout and do not care about short-term gratification, as they are usually picking from a pool of potential teams and thus increasing the risk and odds.

Gamblers can also place an LMB bet on more trivial aspects of games secondary to the outcome in what is known as props; this can be a player’s performance, such as Player A to record 2+ hits, or if there will be any runs scored in the first inning of a game.

Bettors are also to form parlays on LMB lines, which means they can combine multiple bets into one super bet with multiple parts.

The benefit of this is that it exponentially increases the potential payout, although it also makes the odds much higher and, therefore, harder to obtain.

Parlays are a favorite amongst newer bettors but can also service experienced bettors with tried and tested formulas to a great extent.

Interested parties will be able to access a sheet of LMB odds on the BetUS sportsbook in the LMB subheading listed under baseball. From there, all that is needed is the selection of a favorite bet, a wager amount, and to press submit.

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Mexico LMB Odds Faqs

BetUS is the premier source for LMB online betting because of its history in the gambling market, variety of services, and pristine reputation within the industry.
All that bettors have to do, as mentioned above, is come prepared with enough research to know which team they want to bet on. Simply find that team in the list of matchups, choose the bet that stands out the most, and press submit.
Any outcome preceded by a “-” is the favorite and represents negative odds; any outcome with “+” usually, but not always, represents the underdog and indicates a positive value.
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