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Baseball Props Odds & Betting Lines


The sport of baseball has been around since the 18th century when people in Europe would hit a ball pitched to them, while the batter ran a circuit of bases after hitting the ball. While baseball has evolved since those days, some central baseball concepts remain.

In its early stages, baseball was known by many different names, but the term baseball wasn’t used until 1700, according to some people, while others dispute the term was used in 1672 to describe a game known as stoolball.

It wouldn’t be until 1846 that two teams, the New York Mutual and the Knickerbockers, would play the first “official” baseball game in the United States. Since then, there have been college, amateur, and professional baseball teams in the United States and worldwide.

Some of the most famous baseball leagues worldwide are MLB, NCAA baseball, and Japan NPB.

Major League Baseball

MLB has been around since 1876 and is the oldest professional baseball league globally. MLB is made up of two leagues, the National League and the American League, with 15 teams each.

MLB has a 162 game regular season, followed by three playoff rounds for the NL and three for the AL, with the winner from the AL and NL facing each other in the championship game, the World Series.

The NL and AL both have three divisions each and those divisions have five teams each. The team with the best record in each division will go to the playoffs, plus two additional teams with the best record that didn’t win their division.

The wild card round is a one-game elimination between the two teams that didn’t win their division; the division series will be between the top team and the winner of the one-game match while the other two remaining teams face each other in a best out of five series.

The final playoff round, the league championship series, will be the best out of five series between the division series winners, with the winner of this series going to the World Series.

NCAA Baseball

NCAA Baseball was first played by Amherst College and Williams College in 1859 under “Massachusetts rules,” which had a few different rules than the baseball we know today.

Those differences were that fielders were allowed to put a runner out by hitting him with a thrown ball, there was no foul territory, and the rules did not require baserunners to stay within the baselines. Today, NCAA baseball follows most standard rules across all baseball leagues.

The NCAA baseball regular season consists of 82 games, with 64 teams going to an NCAA baseball tournament at the end of the season for a chance to become the next College World Series champions.

The tournament is unique in that it features four tiers of competition, alternating between double-elimination brackets and the best-of-three series. Throughout the entire 64-team tournament, a team can lose a total of four games and still be crowned champions.

National seeds are given to 16 teams during team selection, with the top eight teams automatically hosting a super regional if they advance past the regional round. Conference champions receive automatic bids in these tournaments while the selection committee fills the remaining spots.

The tournament brackets are divided into these three stages: regionals, super regionals, and the College World series.

Nippon Professional Baseball

NPB is a Japanese baseball league that consists of two leagues and 12 teams between the Pacific League and the Central League.

The NPB regular season consists of 146 games, with the conclusion of each regular season seeing the best teams from each league play in the Nippon Series, also known as the Japan Championship Series.

The Nippon Series is a best of seven series between the Central League’s and the Pacific League’s teams with the best record. There are no playoff games to get to the Nippon Series.

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How to Bet on Baseball Props

The three major baseball organizations all have props on which gamblers can place wagers on the baseball lines. These props vary in range from the over/under on many strikeouts a pitcher will have, the number of runs a player will score, the number of hits a player will make, or even the number of home runs a player will make.

With the variety of different props out there to make wagers on, gamblers have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of baseball odds that could prove to be a winner.

Baseball betting on props is a little different from betting on individual games, as you will be betting on what will happen during the game instead of the outcome of the game itself.

Prop bets are also straight moneyline bets, so the outcomes you are wagering on will have to be the outcome in the game for you to win the wager.

Having the best chance of winning a prop wager comes down to a gambler closely examining the prop and player involved in the prop. Doing proper research and studying the teams and players will also be helpful in prop betting.

While these things are a start, there are many other things that a gambler can do when preparing for their prop wager.

Here are some additional tips for gamblers looking to bet on baseball props:

  • What is the batter’s history against the opposing team’s pitching staff?
  • What is the pitcher’s record against all the potential batters on the opposing team?
  • What is the weather going to be like during the game?
  • Is the batter on a hot or cold streak?
  • Is the pitcher in a slump?
  • Is the batter better against right-handed or left-handed pitchers?
  • Is the pitcher better against right-handed or left-handed batters?
  • What is the average number of innings that the pitcher plays?
  • How many times in the past has a pitcher played all nine innings?

While the tip about the weather might confuse some gamblers, it plays a considerable part in a bet on baseball games, especially in a place like Wrigley Field. Wrigley Field is in the Windy City, and that wind affects the baseball when it is hit.

It will be a good day for pitchers when the wind blows in, as the winds will help prevent batters from hitting home runs. It will be a nightmare for pitchers when the wind blows out, making it easier for batters to hit a home run. Weather can also affect the baseball odds or baseball lines in a place like Wrigley Field.

Weather is also a factor in whether or not a game will get canceled after it has started. According to professional baseball rules, a game is an “official game” once the visiting team has made 15 outs (five innings) and the home team is leading, or once the home team has made 15 outs regardless of the score.

So in a baseball game like MLB, a game under a rain delay in the six-inning would be called official.

That matters because an official game after six endings means teams will not play the game later. This could hurt the gambler who wagers on them for props with batters and pitchers.

That is why it is a great tip to look at the weather before making a prop bet, as most props aren’t available until the day that the teams will play the game. Following these baseball betting tips can help a gambler find those baseball odds on props that can turn out to be winning odds.

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Baseball Props FAQs

BetUS has many baseball games available, from NCAA baseball to MLB and even baseball leagues from around the world, along with prop bets for each of those games. BetUS also allows for the use of cryptocurrency to place your baseball bets.
On the sportsbook part of the BetUS site, click on BASEBALL. From there, you can scroll down to the section labeled PROPS. Clicking on that will bring up all the available props for every baseball game available.
Yes! Betting on baseball props have strategies just like any other sports betting option. Following the strategy of how to bet on baseball, props can help you have a better chance of scoring a winning wager.
Baseball props are on an over/under moneyline format, giving the gambler the option to bet on the baseball odds for the under or the baseball odds on the over. The props will have a set number assigned to them, with the gambler having the option to pick if the prop will be over that number or under that number. These baseball odds will have three types of odds, plus odds, negative odds, or even/EV odds.
You will get even money for every $100 bet with EV odds, so even odds will get you $200 on a $200 wager. You will get the amount shown for every $100 bet with plus odds, so +300 will get you $300 on a $100 wager. Negative odds show how much you have to wager to win $100, so -500 odds mean you need to wager $500 to win $100.
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