Sunday, May 22
17:05:16 EST


Game 1st H 2nd H

ABA League

Mon, May 23, 2022 EST

Point Spread
Team Total
Cedevita Olimpija
Cedevita Olimpija
+8½ -120
160  -120o
76  -120o 76  -120u
Crvena zvezda mts
Crvena zvezda mts
-8½ -120
160  -120u
84½  -120o 84½  -120u

ABA League


The ABA League is the first tier men’s professional basketball league featuring teams former Yugoslavia, which include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as other clubs from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Israel. 


Current Teams in the ABA League:

  • Borac 
  • Crvena Zvezda
  • Mega Bemax
  • Studentski centar
  • Buducnost
  • FMP
  • Mornar Bar
  • Zadar
  • Cedevita Olimpija
  • Igokea
  • Partizan NIS
  • Cibona
  • Krka
  • Split


The league was recently rebranded to feature their sponsor, AdmiralBet, in 2021 on their 20th anniversary. The ABA League was founded in 2001 as a private venture and switched ownership in 2015, now operated by the ABA League JTD. 

While traditional basketball leagues don’t feature a promotion and relegation model, this league relegates the lowest placing teams to the ABA Second Division at the end of the season and promotes teams from the Second Division. 

If you’re planning to bet on the ABA League this upcoming season, you’re in the right place. Not many sportsbooks offer comprehensive odds on the ABA League, especially in North America.

How To Bet On ABA League

There is a great variety of odds right here, with plenty of moneyline betting options, point spreads, totals and spreads on the ABA League. 

Moneyline wagers are simple – you just have to bet on the outright winner of the game. Nothing else matters, just predicting the winner of the game. The odds will show you how much money you would win. 

When betting on point spreads, you are choosing to wager on a handicap on the favored team. The oddsmakers will assign the favored team a handicap of points, of how much they must beat the underdog team by. The underdog just has to keep the score within that point spread, or win the game outright. 

Over/under betting or totals betting is an ABA League betting option that has nothing to do with who wins the game. Totals allow you to bet on the total number of points scored by both teams collectively. You add the points scored by either team together – so the odds makers will set a line, and you will choose if you think the total number of points will be higher or lower than that line. 

While you won’t find as many prop bets as you would on an NBA game, you can find a few props or specials for major ABA League games. Player props are as they sound, you can bet on something a particular player has done, a game prop which is an occurrence within the game, and a team prop, which is a bet on something a team may do during the game. 

You can also bet on the winner of the ABA League outright, which is called a futures bet – this allows you to bet on the winner of the ABA League months or weeks before the championship actually occurs. The futures for all 14 teams will be released when the promotion and relegation teams are decided. These odds will change throughout the season, becoming more clear towards the end of the season. 

Betting on the ABA League is a great way to get some extra basketball betting in your life. It can be a fun way to try another option aside from NBA or college basketball betting. Now that you have a brief familiarity with ABA League betting, head over to the sportsbook and start betting!

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ABA league faqs

You can find Vegas odds for the ABA League right here at BetUS Sportsbook. We have a great selection on every game of the international basketball league.
BetUS Sportsbook has the best selection of ABA League odds, as well as plenty of other sports.
Betting on the ABA League is simple – you can choose which team you believe will win the game, and place your wager.
ABA League odds are released in a timely fashion, usually the week of the game. These odds will change as circumstances change, and allow you to watch the lines move as needed.
Crvena Zvezda mts is the favorite to win a third consecutive ABA League title, after they beat Buducnost VOLI the last two championships (there was no tournament in 2020) They have won five titles in the past 6 seasons.
Be sure to do your research when betting on the ABA League, you can find the odds and place your wagers but make sure you do some research and not blindly bet on games.
If you have placed a parlay before, it should be quite simple! You can place several different ABA League betting outcomes on the same bet slip and combine them into a parlay wager. The odds will grow the more games or outcomes you add, making your payout larger.

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Rolling If Bets are:
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