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NBA Playoff Specials

Tue, Nov 01, 2022 EST

Rot Los Angeles Clippers to make the playoffs Moneyline
1027 Yes     -3000
1028 No     +900
Play-In Tournament not included, all wagers have action.

NBA Playoff Specials Futures Betting Odds


There are a number of different ways to make an NBA bet, and this league is one that is popular to wager on. NBA betting action actually begins well before the season starts and then of course remains open as the games start to take place.

One way to bet on the NBA is to look at futures betting markets. Picking the eventual NBA champion is one option to look at, but there are also some specialty or prop future betting markets.

NBA odds for playoff specials are available at BetUS Sportsbook, and this can be a solid option to look at. Every team will have these odds listed, giving bettors plenty of choices in an attempt to find the best value.

BetUS Sportsbook features a ton of NBA betting lines, and playoff specials futures is one of the options to choose from.

Not only does BetUS Sportsbook have the best lines available, but you also score a huge boost when signing up for a new account.

The welcome offer from BetUS Sportsbook is a 100% first deposit match that is worth up to $2,500 for all new customers.

That is a massive boost and those bonus funds will simply show up in your account without any other limitations.

How does the NBA Playoff Specials Futures Odds Work?

NBA spreads tend to be the focus with most people that bet on the NBA, but the NBA Playoff Specials futures odds are going to be much different.

Odds for NBA Playoff Specials Futures come out almost as soon as the previous season ends, and they can be adjusted a bit after the NBA Draft.

The odds for this type of bet resemble what Moneyline odds would look like for every regular season NBA game that is played.

Those odds not only tell you how much money that you can win, but they also show you the probability that a certain outcome will happen.

The two options that you get to pick from then are:

  • Yes, team will make the playoffs
  • No, team will not make the playoffs.

Whichever side of that wager has odds that are negative means that it is most likely to happen. If you see odds that have a positive sign in front of them, the probability is that that outcome is not going to occur.

While the odds might be set months ahead of the season starting, these odds can really change or shift at any time.

You aren’t usually going to see a ton of movement in the odds before the season starts, but that all changes after the games are played.

This type of bet will usually be available throughout the regular season, at least until a team clinches a playoff spot or gets eliminated from contention.

If you are going to bet on this type of market, then the best time to do so is typically before the season starts.

HOW TO BET ON NBA Playoff Specials Futures

Betting on NBA Playoff Specials futures is not that complicated to do, which is another reason that it is such a good betting option.

There can be some prop or future bets that can be confusing at times, but you only have two options to choose from with this type of bet.

In order to further explain what this type of bet might look like, it’s best to look at a real-life example with some of the odds. Here are what the NBA Playoff odds look like for the Los Angeles Lakers:

Los Angeles Lakers to Make the Playoffs:

  • Yes (-270)
  • No (+210)

Right away, you can see that the Lakers are expected to make the playoffs in 2022, and coming up short would be a massive failure.

This also means that you would get a pretty nice payout if you took the no option with this bet, and the Lakers did go on to miss the postseason.

There is no “standard” starting point for these odds, and they are going to look different for every team in the NBA. The one thing that won’t change is the two choices that you have when making this bet.

Another option that is going to be available to you is to create a parlay using a couple of different bets from this style of wager. One reason to do this is to give yourself a chance to have a much larger payout.

Because these odds come out so early, the only real way to win some serious money by making a single bet is to take whatever option is less likely. Instead, you can combine a couple of “favorites” into a parlay and then swing the potential payout into a favorable outcome.

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NBA Playoff Specials Futures Faqs

The NBA lines at BetUS Sportsbook are going to be better than those that you will find at other online sportsbooks. This futures market might not even be available at some other online sportsbooks, but it’s a good option at BetUS. Before you even place a wager, be sure to check out the huge welcome bonus that is available.
While every team in the NBA will be listed with this type of bet, you are only going to have two options for each team. NBA teams can either make or miss out on the postseason, and those will be the two choices that you have. In order to make this bet, you just decide if teams will be in the playoffs and then make a bet before the season begins.
The best betting strategy to use when betting on NBA Playoff Specials is to first make a prediction on how many wins a team will get. You also want to be sure that you are betting both yes and no options to make sure that you are giving yourself the best chance to make winning bets.
If you are looking for a big win while you bet on Vegas NBA odds, then you will want to create a parlay. A parlay is a combination bet, and you just need to select a number of smaller wagers and then roll them all into one. For this type of bet, you will just predict whether or not a couple of teams will or will not reach the playoffs.
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