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NBA Regular Season Wins : Brooklyn Nets

Tue, Nov 01, 2022 EST

Rot Brooklyn Nets - 2022-2023 Regular Season Wins Moneyline
121 Over  50½  Wins -115
122 Under  50½  Wins -115
All 82 Games must be played for wagers to have action unless outcome has already been determined.

NBA Regular Season Wins Betting Odds & Lines


NBA betting isn’t quite as popular as betting on the NFL, but it’s definitely a close second in the United States.

There are some great ways to be on this league and some of the best options have nothing to do with betting on each individual game.

It’s not hard to find NBA betting odds, and you can actually find those odds year-round. Betting on NBA regular season wins is one market that is usually open a couple of months before the regular season even starts, and stays open throughout the year.

Betting on NBA regular season win totals is similar to making an over/under bet for total points in an NBA game. There is a line that is going to be set and all you have to do is pick whether or not the team will go over or under that total.

If you are going to bet on NBA markets then you will want to do this at BetUS Sportsbook for a number of reasons.

Perhaps the biggest reason is that you can get a welcome bonus worth up to $2,500 when making a deposit at BetUS, and that comes before you even make your first wager.

BetUS Sportsbook will also have the best betting lines and odds for this type of market, as well as any other NBA market that you are looking for.

How NBA Regular Season Wins Odds Work

As mentioned in the previous section, betting on NBA regular season win totals is not hard to do at all, and there are only two potential options to choose from for each team.

If you know how to read over/under odds then you will be set when you are looking to make a bet on this market.

BetUS Sportsbook is going to come up with a projected win total for every team in the NBA, and then you can simply choose whether or not that team will win more or less than the total that is set.

These odds are going to stay open throughout the regular season and they will change based on how that particular team is performing.

Before you decide that you are going to bet on regular season win totals in the NBA, you are going to want to try to come up with a betting strategy to use.

Some betting experts suggest making these bets before the season starts, while others would say to wait until the season is underway.

It’s going to be up to you to come up with a betting strategy to use and find one that works well for you.

HOW TO BET ON NBA Regular Season Wins

It’s not long after one NBA season ends that the regular season win totals are posted for the upcoming season.

Those odds can shift in a pretty big way from where they are originally set at, but BetUS Sportsbook is going to be pretty close with the initial odds.

Let’s take a look at the regular season win total odds for the Chicago Bulls for 2022-23 to further explain this type of wager:

Chicago Bulls Regular Season Wins
Over 44.5 WIns (-105)
Under 44.5 Wins (-125)

These odds and NBA betting lines not only set the win total projections for the Chicago Bulls, but it also tells you how much money that you can win. If you take the over 44.5 wins for the Bulls then it would take a $105 bet to win $100.

These regular season win totals don’t really have any impact on how the NBA year is going to play out, but it does give you an idea of what the probability is on how these teams will perform.

Every team in the league will have these odds available and you can make a bet on all of them individually, or you can create a parlay.

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NBA Regular Season Wins Faqs

BetUS Sportsbook is going to have the best NBA lines when it comes to NBA regular season win totals, and those odds are also going to be out earlier than other sportsbooks. All new customers at BetUS Sportsbook will also be eligible to receive a massive welcome bonus and those bonus funds can be used for more wagering at the sportsbook.
Once you find the odds for NBA regular season win totals then it’s not very difficult to place a bet on this market. Every team in the league is going to have an over/under for win totals set and then all you need to do is decide if that total will be over or under.
There are a number of different betting strategies to use when betting on NBA regular season win totals, but there isn’t just one single strategy that works every time. It is usually a good idea to make a bet as soon as the regular season win total lines are released as that is when the best betting odds are going to be available.
Regular season win total odds are set as soon as the schedule is announced and they are available for every single team in the league. There is always an over/under line and then odds are offered on both sides of that number. The regular season win total is moved or adjusted as the season goes along based on the results that take place.
Making a parlay wager has become a popular betting option as most bettors are trying to score a bigger win. In order to make a regular season wins parlay you will simply want to bet on the win totals for a handful of different teams. With every team that you add to your parlay, those potential payout is going to increase.
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