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Germany BBL

Sat, Dec 10, 2022 EST

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Crailsheim Merlins
Basketball Braunschweig
Alba Berlin

Sun, Dec 11, 2022 EST

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Syntainics MBC

Germany BBL


The German BBL or Basketball Bundesliga, is the highest level of basketball you can play in Germany. The league falls under FIBA Europe confederation jurisdiction, and is involved in some of the most popular international cups, including Euroleague, EuroCup, Champions League and Europe Cup. The German Basketball Bundesliga was founded in 1966, so there is a rich history behind this league. 

The German Bundesliga consists of 18 professional basketball teams: 

  • Hamburg Towers
  • Brose Bamberg
  • Medi Bayreuth
  • Alba Berlin
  • Telekom Baskets Bonn
  • Lowen Braunschweig
  • Niners Chemnitz
  • Crailsheim Merlins
  • Skyliners Frankfurt
  • GieBen 46ers
  • BG Gottingen
  • NHP Riesen Ludwigsburg
  • Syntainics MBC
  • Bayern Munich
  • Baskets Oldenburg
  • Ratiopharm Ulm
  • MLP Academics Heidelberg
  • S.Oliver Qurzburg 

The Basketball Bundesliga league operates on a promotion and relegation system and will send the lowest placed teams to the German Pro A league and promote the top teams from the Pro A League to replace them. The Bayer Giants Leverkusen have the best record with 14 titles in the league’s history, followed by the current champions, the Alba Berlin team, with 10. 

In addition to the league championship, the teams will also be playing in the German Cup. All 18 teams will start the season with a double round robin format, where they play each team as home and away. Then the top eight will proceed to the German BBL Cup, where they will play in best of five series until a winner is crowned. 

The German Cup allows teams from both the Bundesliga and the Pro A or Pro B to play in this tournament that consists of three knockout rounds.

How To Bet On Basketball Bundesliga

When it comes to betting on the German Basketball Bundesliga, you can find a great selection of betting options at BetUS Sportsbook. Not many sportsbooks offer the breadth of options you will find here – if they offer any German BBL odds at all. 

Let’s start with a quick primer of the betting options you will find on the German Basketball Bundesliga. 

Moneyline bets allow you to bet on the German team you believe will win the game. That’s all you have to do. These odds will be available on all German BBL games, and the odds associated with the wagers will tell you how likely the team is to win the game. The higher the positive number, the bigger the underdog, and the lower the negative number, the bigger the favorite. 

Point spreads can be a little more tricky to get the hang of,, but they allow you to bet on the point spread between the two team’s expected points count. The oddsmakers will set a line on how many points the favored team is expected to win by, and they will have to win by that many. The underdog team are able to lose by less than that number of points, or win the game outright.

You can bet on totals as well. This is a great betting option as it’s an easy wager when you don’t know the teams all that much. You can likely grasp the concept of over/under, which allows you to have a number and you have to guess if the actual number is higher or lower than the number listed. This happens at the German Basketball Bundesliga too. The oddsmakers will set a line of how many total points both teams will score, and you will have to choose if you think both teams will score more or less than that number, collectively.  

The sportsbook will have a few props available, allowing you to bet on outcomes that have nothing to do with the actual game. You could bet on some fun ones too – like player props, that allow you to bet on how many points a player gets, or team props, which can be how many points that team may get in a half. 

Futures betting allows you to wager on the team you think will win the championship or German Cup, only months in advance. The odds are listed at the beginning of the year and you can place it then, and wait for your winnings to cash in. This is a long haul, so you have to be okay with money being tied up for a time. 

Think you’rea ready to start betting on the German Basketball Bundesliga? Find the available odds on our sportsbook!

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German BBL Faqs

You can find German Basketball Bundesliga odds right here at the BetUS Sportsbook.
You can find the German BBL odds on the BetUS Sportsbook – all you have to do is sign up, make a deposit, and you’re ready to start betting on German basketball!
All you have to do is decide which wagers you want to place, then add them to your betslip and select bet now!
There are a few favorites to win the German BBL title in 2022: Bayern Munich, Niners Chemnitz and Baskets Bonn are all very close.
The odds are released, and they can change at any moment. You will want to be certain with your wagers to ensure you make the correct bets and that they are on odds you want to bet.
Do your research – you will want to have an idea of how these teams perform and how they stack up against their opponent. If you’re new to betting on the German BBL, just research teams and past performances.
If you add multiple bets to your bet slip, you can combine your odds by using a parlay wager. All you have to do is add all your German BBL bets to your slip, hit the parlay button and place your wager.
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Rolling If Bets are:
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