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Japan B League


The Japan B League is the professional men’s basketball league in Japan. The league is fairly new, after only being founded in 2016, and falls under the FIBA Asia confederation. The B.League is governed by the Japan Professional Basketball League. 

The league consists of two separate divisions, B1 and B2, so there are always two champions, and double the betting options. B1 hosts 20 teams, and B2 has 16 teams, which also follow a system of promotion and relegation between the two divisions. Each division is further broken down to Eastern and Western Conferences. 

B1 plays a 60 game regular season that consists of 36 games against teams in their own conference, and then 24 games against teams in the other conference. Eight teams with the best records head to the playoffs, which consists of best of three series in the quarter finals, semi finals and finals. 


  • Akita Northern Happinets
  • Alvark Tokyo 
  • Chiba Jets Funabashi
  • Kawasaki Brave Thunders
  • Levanga Hokkaido
  • Niigata Albirex BB
  • Sun Rockers Shibuya
  • Toyama Grouses
  • Utsunomiya Brex 
  • Yokohama B-Corsairs
  • Hiroshima Dragonflies
  • Kyoto Hannaryz
  • Nagoya Diamond Dolphins
  • Osaka Evessa
  • Ryukyu Golden Kings
  • San-en NeoPhoenix
  • Seahorses Mikawa
  • Shiga Lakestars
  • Shimane Susanoo Magic
  • Shinshu Brave Warriors


  • Aomori Wat’s
  • Earth Friends Tokyo Z
  • Fukushima Firebonds
  • Gunma Crane Thunders 
  • Ibaraki Robots
  • Koshigaya Alphas 
  • Sendai 89ers 
  • Yamagata Wyverns
  • Bambitious Nara
  • Ehime Orange Vikings
  • Fighting Eagles Nagoya 
  • Kagawa Five Arrows
  • Kumamoto Volters
  • Nishinomiya Storks
  • Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka 
  • Saga Ballooners 

With so few years in the league, there is only one team in the B1 league that has two titles, Alvark Tokyo, and there have been different winners each year for the B2 league.

How to Bet On Japan B League Odds

When it comes to betting on the Japan B.League, you are in luck because here at BetUS Sportsbook, we have a great selection of odds and lines for you to take advantage of. Let’s start by going over the types of Japan B.League bets you can place on our sportsbook.

Moneyline betting on the Japan B.League is exactly like any other moneyline on any other sport. You are choosing which team you believe will win the game outright. You don’t have to do much more than that – simply need to pick a winner.

Point spreads for the Japan B.League will be listed and teams on either side will be assigned a spread. The favored team will have to win the game by more than the number listed, and the underdog will have to win, or lose by less than that number of points assigned.

Totals bets or over/under bets are options that allow you to bet on the total number of points scored by both teams, but added together. The number will be high, as all basketball totals are, but it’s the total number of points scored by two teams, so you will need to decide if you think the teams will score more or less than that number.

There won’t be a wide variety of prop bets on the regular season games for either division, options like you’d find in North American sports, but you can find some fun props for higher profile games. These bets are placed on outcomes that have nothing to do with the final score or who wins the game.

Futures betting allows you to place a wager on which team will win the each of the championship titles. Both B1 and B2 will have their own oddsboard with each team listed in order from most likely to least likely and will have odds assigned. You can bet on a team’s odds to win the their championship title early in the year.

If you think you have everything you need to bet on the Japan B.League odds, you should head over to the sportsbook to check out what odds and betting lines are available. If you need more help or more resources, our how to bet on sports guide will be a great learning curve for your betting needs.

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Japan b league faqs

You can find a great variety of Japan B League odds right here at Bet US Sportsbook
If you’re looking to bet online, you will find a great selection of odds and lines for the Japan B.League at BetUS Sportsbook.
You can bet on Japan B.League odds by adding wagers to your bet slip, and selecting your stake. All you have to do is hit Bet Now!
In the B1 division of the Japan B.League, Ryuku is favored to win the title. In B2 division, FE Nagoya are favored to take the title.
The odds will be listed based on these team’s performances and change as performances are recorded. If teams start winning more, their odds will shift to be more favorable, and so on.
With two divisions, you can have almost two different strategies. It depends on what your goals are but do plenty of research into these teams to ensure you have the full picture of what will earn you the most money.
There are plenty of Japan B.League games throughout the season, so be sure to parlay a few for a larger payout. Add a few games from either division to your bet slip, hit parlay, and combine the odds to create a more profitable slip. All legs of your bet must win for your bet to cash though.

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