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NBA All Time Records

LeBron James Tue, Feb 28, 2023 EST

Rot How will LeBron James break the scoring record? Moneyline
103 2-Pt Field Goal     -175
104 3-Pt Field Goal     +300
105 Free Throw     +450
All wagers have action.
Rot How will LeBron James break the NBA scoring record? Moneyline
151 Lay-Up     +200
152 Dunk     +350
154 3-Point Jump Shot     +375
155 2-Point Jump Shot     +400
156 Free Throw Shot     +400
157 Mid Court Logo before Half Court     +3300
158 Beyond Half Court Line     +20000
BetUS' decision is final.

NBA All Time Records Betting Odds & Lines


If you are looking to bet on NBA markets, then there are a number of different ways to place bets. Betting on every single game of the NBA season is always a good option, but there are other options out there as well.

The NBA is a league that has been around for 75 years, and there have been some incredible records set over that time.

Entering every NBA season, you will actually find some NBA lines for betting on specific players to break those records.

There is only a realistic chance that a handful of all-time records fall every year, but that is where the betting options start.

It is usually some legendary players that attempt to break all-time records, and BetUS Sportsbook will have betting options available.

A number of NBA records seem unbreakable, but crazy things tend to happen every single year. As long as you can find NBA odds available for this type of market, then you are able to bet on what records will eventually fall.

Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 100 points in 1 game is one that most likely won’t be broken anytime soon, and there won’t be options available for that bet.

Becoming the NBA’s all-time leading scorer in NBA history was often viewed as an unbreakable record, but it’s one that could fall soon with LeBron James.

Betting on a player to set a new NBA record is going to come with a great payout in most cases, especially if you are going to bet at BetUS Sportsbook. This is a unique style of wager, and it’s one that closely resembles prop betting.

How the NBA All Time Record Odds Work

Before you even start to look at making an NBA bet, you first have to decide where you are going to do your betting. You will find plenty of options online, but your best bet is going to be looking at BetUS Sportsbook for a number of reasons.

NBA spreads are usually the main focus of most bettors on this sport, and BetUS is going to have lines that are better than the other options that are out there. Not only that, but you’ll get a massive welcome bonus when signing up for a new account at BetUS.

The current welcome bonus is a 100% first deposit bonus worth up to $2,500 at BetUS Sportsbook. Those bonus funds will simply end up in your account, and then that gives you more money to use when betting on NBA all-time records.

The odds for NBA all time records are going to look much different than they do for any other bet. Because this is a unique type of wager, you won’t see odds or betting lines that are even, and there will only be a handful of markets.

HOW TO BET ON NBA All Time Records

Putting together a betting guide for NBA All Time Records is not easy, because these betting options tend to change every year. There are some records that are on the verge of falling, and that is typically when you will see betting options available.

LeBron James looks to be on track to become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, and that is one option that you will find at BetUS. When you choose to bet on this market you will have a couple of different options.

One option would be whether or not you believe James will set a new all-time scoring mark during the 2022 season. You could also choose to make a bet on which game the record will be set, and that will come with better odds since it’s harder to predict.

Outside of betting on James to break the career scoring record, all of the other options are going to feel like betting on a big underdog.

For example, if you make a bet on a player to set a new single-game scoring mark, you are going to receive an unbelievable payout if that bet hits.

The odds for this type of bet are going to tell you exactly how much money can be one as they will look at moneyline odds.

If you see odds with a positive sign in front of them then you are going to make more money than you would if betting on odds with a negative number.

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NBA All Time Records Faqs

Perhaps the biggest reason that BetUS Sportsbook is the best option to bet on NBA All Time Records is the fact that some other sportsbooks don’t even offer this type of wager. Another reason is that you will find the best odds and betting lines at BetUS Sportsbook, which can then lead to more money for you.
Betting on NBA all time record odds isn’t something that is always available, because these records aren’t always broken. Odds to break a single game record will usually be more available than odds to shatter an all-time career record.

As long as you see NBA odds for this type of bet then you are free to make a prediction in an attempt to win some money.

If you look at the all time NBA records, most of them have been set by some of the best players in league history. For that reason, LeBron James is one NBA player that is good to focus on as he has a chance to break a couple of records that have been on the books for a long time.
The NBA odds for all time records betting will look like a moneyline bet, but it closely resembles a prop bet. You will typically only see a couple of options when making this bet, and that is whether or not an all time record is going to fall.

Odds for this type of bet can change with every single game that has been played, and you will want to keep a close eye on them to strike when there is value.

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