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NBA Defensive POY, Odds and Lines


The NBA Defensive Player of the Year is an annual award that a player can earn at the end of the regular season. The player will demonstrate all-around skill at their defensive position and prove to be an asset to their team. The NBA Defensive POY had its first recipient in the 1982-83 season, and the award winner list features ten Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inducted players to date.

The NBA Defensive Player of the Year award is chosen by a panel of sports writers and broadcasters from North America, who then vote on their top three players for the award. For each first place vote a player receives, they will earn five points, for each second place vote a player receives, he gets three points, and for each third place vote, one point.

Usually the selection committee selects defensive players based on a certain list of criteria, one of which being size – they tend to favor big guys who can rebound and succeed with blocks. The players have to have the ability to play any position if needed, but first and foremost they must display excellence in defensive play.


When it comes to betting on the NBA Defensive Player of the year, it can really be a toss up. The criteria aren’t as clear cut as it is in hockey or football – there are no doubt defensive players in basketball, but there isn’t a distinct ‘defense’ position.

There are always the hot players who are always at the back of your mind when you think of an outstanding defensive player. And it’s common for players to win the award in consecutive years – Dwight Howard won three of his awards back to back.

Betting on the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award winner can be a really interesting betting option if you aren’t going to bet on the team futures, especially if you follow certain players instead of a certain team. Luckily, there are far fewer starters in basketball than the other sports like hockey or football, so you have less options to choose from which narrows things down a little bit more.

Placing an NBA Defensive Player of the Year bet is simple: you pick which player you believe will win the award. The earlier you place your wager, usually the better. The only instance you wouldn’t want to get your bet in early, is if your chosen player is a sure thing, and the odds reflect that, making your wager not so profitable. Perhaps that player will hit a slump mid season, well his odds would reduce, and you would see some value if you think he can pick up his boots later in the season. This is a rare circumstance, but usually the only time patience is a virtue in futures betting.

It’s best to ensure you do some research before placing these types of wagers, because while we see plenty of repeat wins, there are definitely some new players that can come up from college level and surprise us.

Looking at Defensive Player of the Year award past winners, Dikembe Mutombo and Ben Wallace are tied with four each. The 2020-21 award winner Rudy Gobert captured his third award last season, tying Dwight Howard. Also, in the history of the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award, only one point guard has ever won: Gary Payton.

If you’re ready to bet on the 2021-22 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, look no further – head over to our sportsbook to start betting on the best NBA odds and place your wager now on the best ‘D’ in the game.


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You can bet on the NBA Defensive POY odds right here at BetUS Sportsbook. You won’t find more competitive odds anywhere else.

Betting on the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award odds is simple. All you have to do is choose the player you believe will win the award and put your money down.

Draymond Green and Rudy Godert are the favorites to win the 2022 NBA Defensive Player of the year award.

WHen the season starts, the top players in the league that are known for defensive play will be listed and their odds will reflect how likely they are to win the title. The odds will change as the season progresses based on each player’s performances, as well as their award competitors.

Keep an eye on the odds first and foremost. The odds will likely change throughout the season and wait until peak times to bet on the NBA Defensive Player of the Year odds. If a player starts underperforming, you may want to cash out.

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