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03:34:37 EST


NBA Finals MVP

. Sun, May 22, 2022 EST

Rot NBA Western Conference Finals MVP Winner Moneyline
5001 Stephen Curry     -350
5002 Luka Doncic     +450
5003 Jordan Poole     +2000
5004 Klay Thompson     +3300
5005 Draymond Green     +4000
5006 Jalen Brunson     +10000
5007 Andrew Wiggins     +2000
5008 Spencer Dinwiddie     +10000
5009 Maxi Kleber     +20000
5010 Jonathan Kuminga     +15000
5011 Otto Porter Jr.     +25000
5012 Dorian Finney-Smith     +25000
5013 Dwight Powell     +25000
5014 Reggie Bullock     +25000
5015 Kevon Looney     +2000
5016 Davis Bertans     +25000
All wagers have action.

NBA Finals MVP Betting Odds


The NBA Finals is the championship game for the NBA. Every NBA team fights their way to make this championship game.

However, only two teams will face each other for the NBA Finals championship trophy. The race to the NBA Finals starts with the NBA playoffs.

While the teams play a best out of seven series, players also have a chance of earning the game’s highest honor, the NBA Finals MVP. While any player from both teams could win this trophy, only one player will be given the honor of NBA Finals MVP.

The honor goes to the player who plays the best and helps their team the most on their way to winning the NBA Finals championship.

This means the NBA Finals MVP will come from the team that wins the NBA Finals. However, the first NBA Finals MVP award went to Jerry West in 1969, the only player to receive NBA Finals MVP while being on the losing team.

Since then, the award always goes to the winning team’s player in the NBA Finals.

The NBA Finals will have at least four games and up to seven games for players to get their shot at winning the MVP title. Teams with the best record enjoy a home-court advantage, meaning they have four out of seven games played at home.

The NBA Finals format follows a 2-2-1-1-1 format, with the first two, middle, and last games being at the home court of the team with the best record.

What are NBA Finals MVP Lines?

NBA Finals MVP lines are odds assigned to each player that gamblers can choose to wager money on. All players are from playoff teams in the NBA playoffs. Lines and odds will be different based on each player’s chances of winning the NBA Finals MVP.

How NBA Finals MVP Odds Work

NBA Finals MVP odds are all moneyline odds. This means when you place a wager on a player, you are looking for that player to win outright. There are no over/under or spread lines with the NBA Finals MVP candidates.

The odds number for each player is based on their chance of winning the Finals MVP title. So the player with the worst odds would be the most likely player to win the NBA Finals MVP title. However, while that player might be the favorite, other players still could win the title as well.

BetUS Offers

BetUS offers all the NBA players on playoff teams for gamblers to wager their money on in the NBA Finals MVP race. They also offer a one-time deposit bonus for new customers and a one-time re-up bonus for current customers who use cryptocurrency to deposit into their accounts.

Besides those things, BetUS offers some of the best odds on the NBA Finals MVP.

For gamblers looking to use cryptocurrencies to wager money on series prices, there are four cryptos you can use. BetUS accepts these four cryptocurrencies for deposit: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. So whether you want to use cryptocurrency or cash, BetUS has you covered.

Prop Bets

During the NBA Finals, gamblers can find NBA prop bets. Options range from an over/under on the points a player scores to which player scores first.

These wagering options add excitement to the NBA Finals, as you can root for the players and not just a team.

Adding a prop bet to an NBA Finals MVP wager gives you a chance to pair an MVP candidate with a prop. It could also give gamblers an added value if they really feel their player will be the NBA Finals MVP.

How to Bet on NBA Finals MVP

Gamblers have two options with betting on the NBA odds for players available in the Finals MVP race. The first option is betting during the NBA playoffs. This move can be risky, as the teams for the NBA Finals aren’t set.

The second option is to wait until the two teams going to the NBA Finals are set.

There will be different strategies to use depending on which point the gambler wagers their money. While betting early gives gamblers the best NBA odds, it also comes at a higher risk.

However, that risk can always be mitigated if you know what to examine before wagering your money.

For those looking to bet early, one thing gamblers can do is hedge their NBA Finals MVP bet with other players. The odds are good at the start of the playoffs, giving gamblers the best chances of taking multiple players in the hopes one player will win.

However, always examine which team the player is on and if you will make more money than you are wagering.

This means if you see a bet with +110 odds, you might not make enough to cover a losing hedge bet.

When you hedge your bet, one or more of those bets will lose, but the odds should cover any losses. For example, if you want Steph Curry at +420 on a $100 wager, you could take Giannis Antetokounmpo at +700 for $100 as well.

That means if Giannis wins, you would make $600; $700 for the wager minus the $100 you lost on the Curry wager.

If Curry were to win, you’d make a profit of $320. However, you always want to wager less money on the higher odds, making it easier to hedge your wagers against losses.

For those looking to just bet on one player, there are other things to examine with each player. These things include:

  • What are the chances of the player’s team making the NBA Finals?
  • Has the player ever won the Finals MVP before?
  • What did the player do during the regular season?
  • What has the player done during the NBA playoffs?
  • Is the player showing an improvement over his regular-season performance?
  • Is the player doing things to help the team win games?
  • Does the player score a lot of points?
  • What do the players’ steals and rebounds look like?

These simple things could show if a player is doing well enough to win the Finals MVP if their team makes it that far. Some of these same tips could be used when wagering on players during the NBA Finals.

However, the NBA odds won’t be as favorable and you most likely can’t effectively hedge a wager.

But, if you wait until the NBA Finals to make your wager, you have slightly less risk. That is because the players to wager on only come from two teams, unlike the many team players you can wager on in the NBA playoffs.

While early betting can offer the most reward for gamblers, late betting offers less risk.

However, you still need to study the play of players from their regular season and playoff performances. Comparing the two could help you find the best player to wager money on.

Also, examining any history with the player against the team they are facing can help with a better wager.

Some NBA players do better against certain teams. They also could do better under the pressure of the grandest stage of the NBA season.

Some who have been to the NBA Finals before underperform and disappoint. That’s why it’s essential to examine every detail before placing a wager.

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NBA Finals MVP Faqs

BetUS has all the players available for winning the NBA Finals MVP to wager money on. BetUS also allows for the use of cryptocurrency to place your NBA bet. These combinations make BetUS a good option when betting on the NBA Finals MVP.
On the sportsbook part of the BetUS site, click on BASKETBALL. Next, click on the NBA FINALS MVP. You can then click on the player you want to wager on.

You can see the odds of each player next to their name. You can then click on the NBA odds on the player you will wager money on.

Yes! There’s a strategy to betting on the NBA Finals MVP. Every type of betting comes with its own strategy and the NBA Finals MVP is no different.
NBA odds on players are moneyline odds. When looking at the odds numbers, you will see a plus or minus sign. Players with plus odds are the underdog, while players with negative odds are the favorite.

You will get the amount shown for every $100 bet with plus odds, so +900 will get you $900 on a $100 wager. Negative odds show how much you have to wager to win $100, so -140 odds mean you need to wager $140 to win $100.

NBA Finals MVP candidates can’t be parlayed together. This is because there’s only one winner of the NBA Finals MVP trophy. However, you can always hedge your NBA Finals MVP bet.

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