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NBA Regular Season MVP

Odds to Win Tue, Nov 01, 2022 EST

Rot 2022-2023 Regular Season MVP Winner Moneyline
1001 Joel Embiid     +500
1002 Luka Doncic     +500
1003 Giannis Antetokounmpo     +700
1004 Nikola Jokic     +1000
1005 Kevin Durant     +1000
1006 Ja Morant     +1400
1007 Stephen Curry     +1400
1008 Jayson Tatum     +1400
1009 LeBron James     +2000
1010 Kawhi Leonard     +2500
1011 Devin Booker     +2800
1012 Trae Young     +3300
1013 Karl-Anthony Towns     +4000
1014 Jimmy Butler     +5000
1015 Zion Williamson     +5000
1016 Anthony Davis     +5000
1017 Anthony Edwards     +6600
1018 Damian Lillard     +6600
1019 LaMelo Ball     +8000
1020 Donovan Mitchell     +10000
1021 DeMar DeRozan     +10000
1022 Chris Paul     +10000
1023 Paul George     +10000
1024 Kyrie Irving     +10000
1025 Bradley Beal     +12500
1026 Pascal Siakam     +12500
1027 Dejounte Murray     +12500
1028 Brandon Ingram     +15000
1029 Jaylen Brown     +15000
1030 Jamal Murray     +15000
1031 De'Aaron Fox     +15000
1032 James Harden     +15000
1033 Zach Lavine     +15000
1034 Julius Randle     +20000
1035 Evan Mobley     +20000
1036 Darius Garland     +20000
1037 Bam Adebayo     +25000
1038 Shai-Gilgeous Alexander     +25000
1039 Fred VanVleet     +30000
1040 CJ McCollum     +30000
1041 Michael Porter Jr.     +30000
1042 Ben Simmons     +30000
1043 Domantas Sabonis     +40000
1044 Russell Westbrook     +50000
1045 Deandre Ayton     +50000
1046 Khris Middleton     +50000
1047 Cade Cunningham     +50000
1048 Scottie Barnes     +50000
1049 Tyler Herro     +50000
1050 Rudy Gobert     +60000
1051 Anfernee Simons     +60000
1052 Kristaps Porzingis     +60000
1053 Josh Giddey     +70000
1054 Tyrese Haliburton     +70000
1055 Marcus Smart     +80000
1056 RJ Barrett     +80000
1057 John Wall     +80000
1058 Christian Wood     +80000
1059 John Collins     +80000
1060 Collin Sexton     +80000
1061 Kevin Porter Jr.     +90000
1062 Jalen Green     +100000
1063 Nikola Vucevic     +100000
1064 Cole Anthony     +100000
1065 Dillon Brooks     +200000
1066 Clint Capela     +250000
All wagers have action.

NBA Regular Season MVP


The NBA Regular Season MVP is one of the more popular and exciting NBA futures bets available throughout the season, aside from the winner of the NBA Finals and Conference Champions. Throughout the season there is always speculation on who the MVP award recipient will be.

FIrst awarded in 1955, the regular season Most Valuable Player award has been given to the player who displayed the best performance consistently throughout the season. The trophy is named after the first commissioner of the NBA, Maurice Podoloff.

A panel of sports writers and broadcasters from the United States and Canada decide who wins the MVP award, but it hasn’t always been that way. For a time, the players themselves voted on their peers, making it a popularity contest to some extent.

The current format, established in 1980, has the panel of journalists and broadcasters voting on the top three players they think deserves the MVP. Each member of the panel will vote on their top three players and award them points based on their rankings. Each first place vote is worth five points, second place vote worth three points and third place votes are worth one point.


When it comes to betting on the NBA’s MVP, it can be one of the more simple wagers you can place from a betting standpoint, but from a strategic standpoint, it can be a little more challenging. Betting on the NBA MVP award is a futures wager, much like other futures options. The odds will be listed at the start of the season, similarly to where you’d see NBA Finals or divisional odds.

The NBA MVP can be any position, but has traditionally been awarded to Centers. However, in more recent years, forwards and point guards have been receiving more recognition in this category. This is definitely something to note in your NBA MVP betting strategy.

When it comes to NBA MVPs, the panel looks at a set amount of criteria. First and foremost, they look at the player performances – the level the player performs at all year. Secondly, what that player brings to their team and their team successes – if a team is winning, partly or mostly because of that player, and may not be performing as well without, that is a huge consideration.

What makes this challenging, is that we can’t be certain which players will have a standout season. There are always the star players that we keep our eye on each season, but there can be some underdogs that rise to the occasion. You are selecting a player from a long list of exceptional NBA players, and choosing the MVP can be a little more difficult than you think!

We recommend keeping an eye on a few things before placing you wager, or to use this information to cash out your wagers as the season progresses.

First is the team dynamic. Keep an eye on how the team gels and how a certain player makes the team better. We understand that winning is a team effort, but would the team be as strong without this player?

Injuries will be your biggest threat when betting on the NBA MVP award. If you select a star player from a particular team, and they get injured – it’s safe to say your MVP award bet is dead. On the other hand, if a player in contention for an MVP award loses their right hand man, or a team mate that helps them be a better player, you might see their value drop.

Reading NBA MVP odds are simple. You have a list of players with numbers next to them – the lower the number in the negative, the more favored the team is, and the higher the number in the positive, the larger the underdog.

All MVP award recipients who have since retired from play have all been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The player with the most MVP award wins is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with six, then Michael Jordan and Bill Russell are tied with five and Wilt Chamberlain and LeBron James are tied with four.

The current Most Valuable Player is Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets.

If you’re ready to bet on the upcoming NBA MVP odds, head over to the sportsbook to place your futures bet on the 2022 NBA MVP award recipient.


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NBA Regular Season MVP FAQ's

You can bet on the NBA MVP odds right here at BetUS Sportsbook. You will find the best and most competitive NBA odds.

Once you determine which player you believe will win the NBA MVP award, you can head over to the sportsbook and place your wager.

The current favorite to win the NBA MVP award is Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors who has two MVP awards from past seasons.

The top players in the NBA will be listed from most likely to win the MVP award to least likely to win the MVP, and you just have to decide which player you believe will win.

Betting strategies for the NBA MVP award include monitoring the odds, keeping an eye on the schedule and ensuring you’re aware of injuries and performances.

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